Flying Wrestlers

Photographer Todd Anthony for a series of photos "Flying Chetites" took off the Bolivian women who are engaged in a completely neleval business – a struggle (read about other cases in the history of mankind, when the ladies chose traditionally men’s professions for themselves). They belong to Cholas, the indigenous population of Andes. For a long time, it fell fastened: they could not appear in public places and work on most works. In recent years, the situation changes, and ladies-wrestlers, speaking in the ring in traditional costumes of Aimar Indians with their magnificent skirts, additionally attract attention to problems chit and popularize the history of their country, which (completely legal!) proud.

Butterfly Calpodes Ethlius, or Brazilian Skipper, being a caterpillar, has transparent skin. Due to this, the breathing processes and how beats the heart of the insect, can be observed with the naked eye. An unusual butterfly can be found in the USA (Florida and Texas), Mexico and South America. By the way, you know, from where on the wings of butterflies drawing?

Metro in childhood

Admire how the map of the Moscow metro looks in 1956. Much has changed, is not true? The Moscow subway was opened on May 15, 1935. The first train went away at 7 in the morning from Sokolniki Station. Ticket cost 50 copies. and acted only 35 minutes. Even the name of the person who became the first passenger was known: they were the master of the experimental workshop "Red Procelet". NS. Latyshev. In general, the metro in Moscow could appear at the king: the first projects were developed in 1890. However, then the church was opposed to them, which stated that "no one of God, created in the image and likeness of God, descend into the underworld". Look also at the previously published photo project about the subway of New York to make sure that it is just like the hell, but the Moscow metro is not in vain called the most beautiful in the world.

With a light

Flying Wrestlers

British Gavin Free and Daniel Gructs are known on the Internet as The Slow Mo Guys. They have more than 12 million subscribers on YouTube – and no wonder, because they create a wide variety of video in slow motion. There are also dangerous tricks among the rollers. For example, in the video above, a well-known American actor Steve oh makes a brunette through my head and at the same time breathes fire to burst the ball filled with water. It sounds difficult, but it looks very impressive. Especially in Slow-Mo!


Residents of Doha probably surprised, discovering in the morning that Abdullah Ben Jasem street in the capital of Qatar suddenly … became blue. It turned out that this is an experimental project for the management of public works of Qatar – together with the Japanese company, they decided to repaint a number of dene roads in the sky blue to cool them. Abdullah Ben Jasem’s street was chosen because there is almost no vegetation and summer air temperature reaches 50 ° C. Now researchers plan to observe the indicators of the temperature of the roadway for one and a half years. By the way, still doha is famous for its ultra-modern architecture.

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