Flying with children

"My Planet" studied the rules of flights of eight popular airlines and found out how much a ticket will cost, where you can count on baby food and what can take the kid during the way.

Earlier, "my planet" wrote what to do in case of a delay of the flight, late for a connection flight, told about strange force majeures that could break the flight, unusual services in airplanes and compared the rights of train passengers and an aircraft. In this article – about the features of the flight with children.

Ticket price

Airlines are divided by small travelers into three categories: up to 2 years old – baby, from 2 to 12 years old – child, from 12 to 18 years old – almost adult. The size of the discount is descending: the lion’s share gets babies, the children’s tariff usually assumes that the child will have to pay a little more, but a traveler from 12 to 18 years old can not be counted for discounts.

Babies up to 2 years

On the aircraft of our airlines there is a rule: if during the flight the child will sit on his knees at the parent, on international flights, his ticket will cost 90% discount, and in the inner – for him it will not have to pay at all. You can book a separate place, in this case the ticket is made at the orphanage (as a child up to 12 years old).

Important. One adult can take with me only one baby without providing him. For the second, third and more kids up to 2 years, certain places must be necessarily. True, such a discounted tickets are issued. Its size depends on the tariff and can be up to 50%.

The situation when the child marks two years while traveling, the airlines is solved in different ways. So, in Aeroflot and S7 Airlines Airlines, age is determined on the day of the start of transportation, that is, if the baby on the way back will be 2 years, you will not pay extra. But in the "victory" everything is stricter: the baby should be up to 2 years and at the date of departure there, and at the date of departure back. Otherwise, for reverse departure, a separate ticket will be required, purchased at the childhood tariff.

On international flights, the ticket price is determined by the airline.

Children from 2 to 12 years

In our airlines, discount most often is 25%. But there are exceptions. For example, a ticket to the flight "Victory" will have to pay the full cost, and in Aeroflot, the discount is not provided if the child travels without adult accompaniment. On Flights S7 Airlines, the discount is also 25%, but if the child has already been 12 years old at the time of departure, it refers to the category of passengers "adult". If 12 years will be on the journey, you will have to buy two separate tickets for different tariffs: with a discount and without.

Transportation stroller and cradle

On our airlines Passengers with a child can transport one cradle or folding stroller free. True, the ramp of the aircraft strolle will have to pass. It will be possible to pick up with the luggage in the luggage issue. Cradle is allowed to transport in the cabin only if it has a soft case.

However, in Aeroflot airplanes equipped with fasteners for installation, children’s cradle is provided free. About the desire to use it on board must be declared no later than 36 hours before departure. In the airplanes S7 Airlines, the cradle at the time of flight is not provided.

To transport the stroller in the luggage compartment of the aircraft for free and at international air carriers. In most cases, it is also allowed until boarding. If the stroller together with the wheels (which must be clean) does not exceed the permissible size and weight of hand baggings, it can be transported like manual sting. True, each airline has its own amount requirements, and some airports may refuse access to the landing area with wheelchairs, explaining this security considerations.

Baggage procurement

For children occupying separate places, the same standard of baggage is valid, as for adults traveling in the same class. As for the luggage provision by a child up to 2 years, flying without space, the rules are following.

Aeroflot: Free bags of bags weighing up to 10 kg and the sum of three dimensions not more than 115 cm (regardless of the class of service).
S7 Airlines: In addition to the baggage that is included in the tariff, you can take a cradle or car seat. It is free and does not affect the rate of baggage and hand baggage.
Utair: One handbag bag weighing no more than 5 kg and dimensions of no more than 40 x 30 x 20 cm (regardless of class of service).
"Victory": Free baggage procurement is not provided.
Air France: Manual sting weighing up to 12 kg, the dimensions of which do not exceed 55 x 35 x 25 cm; Luggage weighing up to 10 kg (does not apply to tickets purchased at the Light rate, the transportation of baggage for which is paid).
Lufthansa: one bag weighing up to 23 kg. With a flight by economy class at Light rate, only the accompanying adult can add one place of luggage to your booking for € 25.
Finnair: one luggage point weighing no more than 23 kg.
Qatar Airways: One bag weighing no more than 10 kg (on flights to Argentina, Brazil and the United States – up to 23 kg) and the sum of the total size of 115 cm.


Flying with children

Almost all our airlines provide the service "Unaccompanied child", but it turns out to be only children aged 5 to 12 years, and if parents are desired – up to 16 years. The cost depends on the airline. However, there are exceptions. So, S7 Airlines from June 15, 2018 ceased to provide children.

Foreign airlines have small independent travelers can be different.

Air France: Children 4-11 years old (with an international flight – 5-14 years old). They must be registered as minors traveling without accompaniment. For them is responsible staff. The service is included in the ticket price. Children 12-17 years old (with an international flight 12-15 years old). The cost of the service depends on the distance and fluctuates from € 40 to € 100 per flight.
Lufthansa: Children 5-11 years old (if the parents wishes, the maintenance service can be rendered and older children – up to 17 years). If the flight is carried out within Germany or Europe, it will cost € 60 to one end, in other destinations – € 100.
Finnair: Children 5-11 years old (if the parents are desired – up to 17 years). For a service on the maintenance provided during the flight inside Finland, Scandinavia and Baltic countries, will have to pay € 40 to one side, on the flight between European countries or the Middle East – € 60, on intercontinental flights – € 120.
Qatar Airways: Children 5-15 years old (but not older than 16). Throughout the flight, the child may be accompanied by a representative of the airline. True, he needs to pay the cost of a ticket to both ends. And the service must be booked no later than 72 hours before departure.


On board the aircraft of many airlines there is a children’s menu. However, it is better to take care of the child’s nutrition yourself. Special food for children Order, and caressing jars to take their own, but only in the quantity required for the flight period.

On flights flight duration more than three hours Passengers with preschool children can get food at a convenient time for them. The order is accepted no later than 36 hours before the departure time specified in the schedule. Baby is also required to order food in advance.

Entertainment on board

Most airlines offer small passengers of the game, special radio stations, audiobooks, children’s channels, where you can watch cartoons, movies. But some have their own chips.

Aeroflot: For children 3-11 years old on all flights and in all classes, children’s kits are provided. Everyone includes a cognitive children’s magazine with painting pictures and tasks for logic and erudition, board games, souvenirs with a symbolism of the airline. Handbags and backpacks in which the set is invested, you can pick up with you.
S7 Airlines: Children are offered thematic kits that include creative and cognitive games and souvenirs. Tasks are designed for children of different ages. And in the coloring book there is a toy map "Young traveler", which, after registering on the airline’s website, will allow the child to save mile. Sets are presented in soft backpacks-plees with a bright design. For babies there are special sets: cotton slots, children’s fairy tale or educational cards in a stylish zip package.
Utair: One handbag bag weighing no more than 5 kg and dimensions of no more than 40 x 30 x 20 cm (regardless of class of service).
Air France: On far-haired flights are offered games and coloring adapted for each age.
Lufthansa: On board a number of far-haul aircraft (on some Airbus A330, on all A380 and B747-8I), thanks to special external cameras, children can see almost the same as the pilot sees when take-off and landing. For the first time being on board the Lufthansa aircraft, children get a flight book to bring future flights into it. When it is filled, the original pilot certificate is given.
Finnair: Babies up to 2 years old are obtained by Finlayson Moi Towel, and older children – an entertaining brochure from Oppi and Ilo.
Qatar Airways: During the flight, children are offered toys MR. Potato Head, Hasbro Games, Creative and Educational Sets, in which there are crayons, stickers and a book with tasks, puzzles, interesting facts and painting pictures. Babies get a soft toy ELLA FUN with an interactive eye mask, which helps to fall asleep and play "Ku-ku", as well as a soft book.

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Flying with children

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