Flying three-ton rhinos: the photographer took the beasts running on him

Photographer Gurceran Rupra watched a white rhinoceros females fight in Nairobi National Park in Kenya. Away from the rhinos were their young. When the fight is over, rhinos noticed a photographer who watched them. First, one female ran toward Gurechanna, and then the second. The photographer decided to stay in his place and remove animals in motion.

As a result, Gurceran turned out to be amazing pictures, on which it seems that three-ton animals do not run on the ground, but fly: their legs do not touch the surface of the earth. The photographer did not know whether animals would attack him. They just fled in his direction without turning. At the last moment, female changed the trajectory of movement and went around Gurceran.

"The fight between females was quite strong. In the photo I noticed that each had abrasions and wounds that bleeded. I watched them about 30 minutes while they fought. One of the mothers at some point turned around and ran to me. There was another person with me, and he was in the utter horror of what is happening, "said the photographer Daily Mail.

The man told that he was familiar with these rhilities. He is watching them for about five years and knows that they are non-aggressive, so I was not afraid. The photographer says that in a series of pictures, he received a detailed sequence of how rhinos are moving.

Flying three-tone rhinos photographer removed the beasts running on him

"The moment when the rhinoceros rushes me, even relaxes," Gurceran concluded.

White rhino includes two subspecies: South and North. The population of southern white rhinos, according to 2015, was a little more than 21,000 individuals. Northern white rhinos remained only two – these are females, both of them live in captivity. The last male of north white rhino died in 2018. At the end of 2020, scientists were able to get two viable embryos of the Northern White Rhino.

Flying three-tone rhinos photographer removed the beasts running on him

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