Flying over the nest of feminism

A couple of years ago, with the help of the US International Development Agency (USAID), we flew to America for almost a month in America. Our most familiar team united one thing: everyone had a certain attitude to the problem of the female emancipation, which in our country whether there is, or there are no – the opinions are much divert. In any case, we were offered to look at the fact that without any doubt there is a mighty, like water "Tomswerovskaya" Mississippi, the movement of American women for equality. And at the same time – and this "At the same time", Probably, it was the main thing – we discovered America for themselves, which from the very Columbus swimming for everyone – its own.

America, as usual, began with a hanger, more precisely, from an airplane, according to which the charming flight attendants, whose joyful smiles testified about one thing: Thank God, now all their troubles behind, because they met us. The happiness of the flight attendants, starch napkins on the chairs and numerous screens, unobtrusively blinding passengers with the beauty of America, feminists quiet, digesting yesterday’s instruction. Inspectorate held on the eve of the Triptering Ride by the National Democratic Institute, was strict: feminists punished to behave decently. Americans requested not to interrupt and not tell every oncoming history of the our state from the King of Pea, as we are, ours, what is sin, love. And then they from our stories the eyes are made, and a smile is even more sincere. With the sense of humor, Americans are not very, jokes about themselves, loved ones, they simply do not understand, and jokes about Russia they are not interested. So keep yourself in your hands, especially in stores. People and streaming your in America Nervishka prayed. The instructor smiled mysteriously, and we swore to prefer the honor of the Small.

Fast and thick

America met us with rain, mercilessly watering the Capitolian hill, which fled through the wet, but inflexible marathonies. To this day they were preparing all year, explained to us Marina’s translator, who was six years stayed in America for the retired handsome man of the US Air Force. In the rain standing, the whole American nation was fled to the rain – young and elderly, fairy and magnificent, graceful springing steps and barely sorting.

Run Americans makes a harsh necessity – otherwise atrophy, not finding appointments, those parts of the body with which nature of human equipment for movement in space. Those who do not run – fat. Each fifth American is not thick, no, but an immense square or cone "Elephant" or "Perfect", How to say the immortal Winnie Pooh.

The first few days our feminists were attached, then suddenly all the time broke through: where are they, slender, high, white-handled handsome, to whom Hollywood taught us? Where are they, long-legged blond beauties, impeccable with their additions heating in our women anonymous inferiority? True, Negollywood America, turned out to be in abundance settled by Mastodonts, not injured, but, on the contrary, preferring their gigantic forms with cycling trico and non-stop, enthusiastically.

Such quantity "Heavy people", How carefully call them here, I did not even see anywhere. "You, ours, are terribly much", – I told us the accompanying MEG accompanying travelers, gambling in a cafe third pizza in size with a car wheel. "Well, yes, she said, noticing our overhead, – I love pizza very much. I can eat ten pieces". Only one of our ladies felt the strength to raise the glove abandoned in the face of our women and went for the second pizza. On this she was relieved and out of order almost a week.

Probably, the discrimination of thick in America really exists, "Heavy people" it is difficult to advance here in service, however, in the view of an overview observer in America, all conditions are created to ensure that they do not give God, they did not feel uncomfortable. At the disposal "Heavy" whole chain of stores under the delicate name "Big end Toll" ("Big and high") where the least fashioned outfits are sold from our 48 sizes and ending with something very looks on a tent a person for five pierced tourists. The concern Americans about the Middle manifests itself in the fact that the sellers in these stores are all as a selection – could apply for the title "Mister" or "Mrs. Tona". Looking at these cheerfully smiling Gargantua and Pantagryeley, on the magnificent sides of which shopping products are felt, any buyer, trying on the same outfit, feels his perfection and, relaxing, "splits" to purchase.

People without humor

The day after arrival at nine in the morning, we were unloaded with the building of the National Democratic Institute, where we who have not yet fully donate the nine-hour difference in time, was to have a familiar lecture on the political system of the United States. Rassailing around the long table, we prepared to die with a slow death – for what else can you expect from a similar topic, when the microphone is cheerfully reached the browse brightness with red bush eyebrows. "William Kimberling, the best lecturer of the United States", He introduced himself. So he, an American without a sense of humor, we decided. After that, the best lecturer removed the jacket, dissolved the tie knot, rolled up the sleeve and the salvo dried a glass of Coca-Cola. "So, so, – he said. – You have a trip to different states, so I will tell you about them so that you are not badly mistaken at our account. Our states are absolutely free, live as individual states, so it is easy to make up with some trifles that their state does not allow. For example, they cannot print their own money, they cannot have their own money, they cannot have their own foreign policy, in their own constitution can not have items that contradict the Federal Constitution. And otherwise – please, everything is completely free. We have the most unpleasant – this is the state of New York, in it there are incoming, depicting types, which are likely who have their own opinion, consolidated from newspapers, and this opinion takes all those surrounding.

Washington stands on the swamp, we specifically put the government there. Even in the heat there everyone goes in suits with ties, as if the fate of the globe depends on them. However, all these government officials are absolutely harmless, so we do not pay any attention to them.

In Florida pretend that they are still rebels. Terribly twisted by everyone under his nose with its flag. But we invent laws to constantly remind them who still won the war. In Miami Cuban more than Castro. This is a large Latin American shopping center.

Texas is the roughest of our states. Texans have no culture, except hats, boots and buckles that are forced to ring airports around the world. From there Johnson, and that says it all. California – also a difficult case. The continent shifted, and all crazy rolled there. They do not know what a tie is, they walk all unzipped to the Pup, the hair on the head sticks out, as if they were never combed. I’m talking about women. They together with men sit in hot tubs and send us presidents from time to time. To protect us from these psychos, God came up with Rocky Mountains, on the other side of which very cute people live. I know it for sure, because I live there. In Minnesota, Scandinava make beer, cheese and make love. To do this, God created the Scandinavians. Especially they are good because they do not spit on the streets. In Massachusetts, on the contrary, she lives solid Italians who only think, as would be able to fly in elections. In general, the essence of our political system is reduced to what we follow that all ambitious people are busy in politics, they would fight with each other and do not interfere with us live. And I will tell you a couple of jokes. ". With jokes at William Kimberling got worse, because the flooded tears from the laughter had to withdraw from the hall. After that, the lecturer told that congressmen and senators do not necessarily attend meetings in the Capitol. They sit in their offices and watch sitting on TV. Before the vote, they are given 15 minutes, they descend under their offices, under which a special subway is laid, very similar to the children’s railway.

In open tracks, congressmen and senators ride in the capitol vote personally. And the Supreme Court is far more difficult, Kimberling continued, as there sit the old Liberals, but no one knows whether they are alive or not. When one of them died – which, by the way, long time no one noticed – in his place chose a hermit who lives in the forest. We hope that he little realizes what is happening in the country. This was when Bush senior. Under Reagan it would never have chosen, because Reagan loved bearded. And it was enough to grow a beard, you were appointed to somewhere. "Under Clinton, everything was different – "the best speaker of the United States," sighed, looking around our feminist gaze meeting. – Forward nominated women. No matter – with a beard or no beard".

Glass ceiling

Thus William Kimberling unobtrusively introduced us to the theme of our trip: feminism, emancipation and participation of women in politics. I personally emancipated American presented lean two-meter man-hater, his fiery eyes on the ground smashing all sorts of sexual oppressors.

Lasting impression on the our feminists made in this sense lidersha "Women’s organization in Austin" – a great lady with shaggy gray mane, shorts, cowboy stale, which moved down to rinse down the size of the bust, not subject to confirmation. Warmly branding opponents of abortion, the woman took off her sandals and men’s giant scratched heel – the spitting image of atamansha "The Snow Queen"! Atamansha We had a good face, clung to her two thin reeds activists, which she kindly patted backside. "Everyone says that I – lesbian – our surveying the silent group, she said, – we are all who struggle for the rights of women, ready to burn lesbians. So I did not even refute rumors. And my third husband just laughing about it".

However, everything that Amazon said, to death by the domestic feminist to death, was smart, Tolkovo and smoothly: it was not going to turn himself with a female organization to turn himself into the party, but hid on the shelters of beaten wives from her husband’s satrapists, stuck for unfairly dismissed women, helped to work healing alcoholics and drug addicts – in short, tried to save the most immersive, which in our conditions float and sole solely at their own discretion.

All other American feminists turned out to be women of the most common view, which is not surprising, for the feast of female rights considers himself at the moment every second American. By and large, American women really eat for what to fight: to this day in the US, there is a concept "glass ceiling" – When the service staircase is visible to the upward upward, and for some reason it is impossible to advance on it. For one dollar wage received by an American man, american woman gets 65 cents. The efforts of feminist discrimination of women are currently perceived in America as acute as racial discrimination, as a result of which the statistics show a rather engaged picture: among those having a higher education, white men are occupied by white men, the second women, the third women, Fourth – Dark-skinned Men. What follows that at the beginning of the Third Millennium in "Democratic country" do not oppress, perhaps, alone white men.

With which the factory white men categorically disagree, because they believe that the Americans themselves do not know what they want, and tortured them, the poor, their feminism finally.

Symbol of American feminism

Among the American fighters with violence, we generally met exclusively. Texas organization "Anonymous parents", The ungrateful work of children to protect children from the incoming parental shoulder, somehow loved our feminist team, as if his juvenile sufferers. Prettylying on a friendly party, Rangers decided to make us embrace us, showing the symbol of American emancipation of women. For acquaintance with the symbol we got up neither "Anonymous parents" On the personal vehicle taken us beyond the city of Austin. to jail. And not some, and the male wearing a proud name "A New Look".

Flying over the nest of feminism

All as it should be: We passed through three rows of wire barriers to the lobby, resembling theatrical foyer. We were given the breastplate signs of intense canary, for a kilometer I rang that we were visitors, took the handbags, handles, notepads and politely asked if there was no firearms. After that, we pulled out in the Cabinet of the head of the prison – or rather, the boss, because he commanded this American "Light path" Broatoy lady with handling of personnel military. According to shining "Anonymous parents", This lady was a symbol of American feminism. "Our prison is considered exemplary, here the prisoners spend the last two years before entering liberty, we work on experimental programs. Any questions?" – Garking Dama.

Pretty our feminists were joined in chairs. "No questions, – Muro said the lady. – And now our guards spend you in the dining room, where prisoners have prepared you breakfast".

Going out into the corridor, accompanied by two quite friendly, bulhide in a new one with a needle form, we buried to a huge stand with numerous cups. "These are the prizes of our boss on shooting", – Respectively explained the throat, poured Boxer Heavyweight Tyson. Along the walls of a huge dining room behind smoking boilers, grills and tanks with coffee, mountains of buns, cookies and everything that languishes the soul of feminists, froze the prisoners in white gloves. Remembered Pieces "Case in the zoo" Famous playwright Edward Albi: American sites and our feminists stared at each other with the same horror and curiosity. Nobody decided to pass along the burst table. "Poison or rape?" – "Warmed!" – heard a whisper from the rear rows. Finally, a representative of a small but elite party, bravely tasting in America all the sizes of national cuisine, waved his hand – "Where ours did not disappear!" – And came out with a plate of advanced. Zakey buried and neglected began to impose on a plate what I sent American God to the American offenders. Feminists rushed to the table.

The breakfast was accompanied by a performance of two repentant killers who told about how they work on themselves, why will not kill anyone else to kill. Having flashed buns, some of us stood. After breakfast, everyone was divided into two groups and led in prison. We in the accompanying got a repentable killer Patrick, the pride of the local administration, which went "in civilian" and re-empting with his example of other killers.

Telling about what we saw in an exemplary prison, I do not want, because this image does not lie in any way. WHAT ARE WEETING THE NERVO FEEDBACK DESCRIPTION OF COMPUTER CLASSES, IN MICURINSKY CONSTRUCED FLOWERS IN TERLANCES, Sports Calls, Hairdresser, Art Workshops, Where Tanks awaken the talents? Whether the happiness will add happiness to the knowledge that every ZEK of an Ostinsky prison can receive a higher and special education here, and one such ear prisoner so brilliantly posted in the local library to jurisprudence, which, after going to freedom, managed to prove the injustice of the sentence made him and sent to the place of deprivation Freedom of their own judge? Feminists did not get away from prison categorically, many exchanged with the addresses who were loved by seaclons, three ladies disappeared with Patrick. "Probably, I don’t want home from such a prison?" – Kalo asked alone. – "I have no home", – Patrick replied. – "Especially!" – picked up the second. – "There are no freedom here", – said Patrick, and his eyes for a moment tormented ineveful wolf longing.

Cowboys and Cowboy

Exceptions are usually remembered from the rules. Here we are from our "feminine" For some reason, the programs are most remembered not clear how the men have switched there. And the image of the ex-killer of Patricks did not care on the bench next to the cowboy from the cowboy club, in which we got completely accidentally, just confusing the house number and opening the wrong door.

A huge hall with tables around the edges and a dance floor in the middle, surrounded by strong wooden columns with railings and resembling a pen for Rodeo, was a bit of cowboy – those themselves, from Western: Hollywood still overtook us and crushed her realism. Steep guys in cowboy hats, tight to the squeak of jeans, stroke boots with beveled heels, leather vests with a fringe and glass of Gina in his hand so accurately corresponded to our cinema ideas about the cowboys, which wanted to give up, to awaken themselves. Realizing, where they fell, feminists began to be spoken, but the new cowboys have already been confered at the back, and I had to be pressed from horror, like a bee swarm, Gurth sold through the narrow corridor to the hall. Cowboy Ticket lost a gift of speech when our removal Male Society of Translator Marina, had already thickened from feminist speeches, happily told him who we were and from. Loudly ringing spurs and bad chains, the cowboy got up, shifted his hat on the back of the head and flatly refused to receive a fee for entrance. When we, stretching the skirts on your knees, as if the young ladies in the port of Kabaska, sat down for the extreme table, was killed from all the speakers: "Today we are visiting a group of Lady from Russia! Greeting them!". A friendly roar rolled around the hall, cowboys heads heads, but from everywhere with full power suddenly jerked music, and the cowboys rushed to dance.

Five minutes later we calculated a dozen bartender Mark, brought on a non-solid legs to our table a huge tray with cowboy drinks. "I Lewblee Tych. Bottoms Up", – Strain under a mighty forehead hat, He said to each "our Lady" and carefully traced so that no winery remains empty. It turned out that the cowboy Mark once studied in Moscow, after which he began to overcome the attacks of a completely non-American Cherry, but now he is happy because he finally introduced the case to consume two sacramental phrases, which he once did in Russia. Podra-juice Firewater Water Mark freed our girls from the shackles of feminism, and, painted, they gave the heat on the dance floor. Although it was difficult to binding to the local dancers: they didn’t just pinch my legs, trying to keep in equilibrium exhausted by Narzan Torso, as it happens on domestic dancelords, they danced different dances in different ways – from cowboy poles to virtuoso rock and roll. Soon, Cavalers praised our ladies, despite the expressive squares of local beauties – also in hats, fringe and boots.

And I suddenly disassembled not at all a white envy: American shops, service, cars – God with them, all this can be survived. But the fact that young healthy people dressed in general, in national costumes, spend their leisure, not in the order of artistic amateurness, but by the good wax, having sailing national dances, – this was something offensive for my Great our self-consciousness.

Probably for the first time in life I saw in a cowboy not book, not the tribune, but the most ordinary, "domestic" the patriotism of the nation, so natural in these steep guys, that they never had to tear a sip in the squares for him. They just live in it just like in their jeans and hats. Just that is their america.

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