Flying monks Shaoliny

Monastery Shaolin is known in the Middle Kingdom, and all over the world not only as a cradle of Buddhism, but also as an amazing school of ancient martial art Kung Fu. This and other types of wushu, that in translation means «Chinese traditional exercises», Began to develop in Shaolin since the appearance of this monastery on Mount Sunshhan in 495. No wonder in China there is a proverb: «All combat arts under the sky grow precisely from Shaolin». For about 1500 years, monks are engaged in the study and development of Kung Fu.

It is believed that the activities of this type of martial arts are directed not only to improving the physical form with the aim of superioring the enemy, for example, in hand-to-hand combat, but also teach in general to own its body, mind and energy to use them in the correct goals.

Flying monks Shaoliny

Recently, Masters Kung Fu Shaolinsky Monastery demonstrated their skill in Chinatown in London, after which these unusual photos were received. It is difficult to imagine that these people — In fact, not actors or air gymnasts, but monks. Do kung fu, comprehend Zen, see the photo generation «My planet» — And it is possible that you will also become similar to these amazing masters, brought up in the walls of the Monastery Shaolin.

Flying monks Shaoliny

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