Flying has become more comfortable

Despite the improvement of aircraft salons, the long flights are still extremely tedious, especially for passengers of economy-class. But the airline does not stop the process of improving chairs.

For example, Air New Zealand in 2011 released its first Boeing 777-300 to the flight with a new interior of the cabin. The first 11 rows of economyractors located on the side of the portholes were equipped with a Skycouch system – special stands, thanks to which three seats turn into one double-blast.

To lie down during the flight, you will need to buy the entire block of three chairs entirely, but Air New Zealand provides a good discount on the third ticket.

British airline British Midland International (BMI), by mid-2011 she updated their airbus A320 and A321 salons. Now passengers are located on the leather chocolate seats equipped with comfortable head restraints and lumbar focus. The step of the chairs is also increased, now it is 78-81 cm, and for the legs installed a special adjustable stand.

Flying has become more comfortable

Since 2010, the German Lufthansa has been upgrading the modernization of the salons. In the salons were installed new, smaller armchairs Recaro and increased foot space. Leather coating made perforated to be it &# 8220; breathable&# 8221;, the design of the chair changed and the design of the chair, now all the armrests are leaving, and the pockets for magazines posted so that they can be used, without raising the table.

The same chairs began to establish on Austrian Airlines Austrian airline airplanes. Thanks to the increase in foot space up to 80 cm and the width of the chair to 44 cm in economy class, passengers feel more comfortable, in addition, new chairs leans 120 degrees.

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