Fly Geyser in Nevada — This is an unusual cooperation between man and nature. Multicolor geothermal geyser regularly sprinkles water for one and a half meters in the air. Artificial geyser on the edge of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada over the years increased in size and continues to grow to this day. An increase in the amount occurs as a result of the fact that various minerals are ejected and accumulated on the surface.

Geyser suggests the idea of ​​different colors of the rainbow, and it looks like it is on another planet. Green and red colors on it are due to the presence of thermo-loving algae, which bloom in a hot medium. Pösta color gamma is also explained by the fact that the discharged minerals react with oxygen present in the air.

The first geyser was formed in 1916, when the well was drilled in search of irrigation water. When geothermal water was close to the boiling point, the well was abandoned and calcium carbonate cone sizes 4 meters.

In 1964, the geothermal energy company drilled the second well near the first well area. Water was not enough hot for energy purposes. It is reported that they closed the well, but unsuccessfully.

Plot Fly Ranch with an area of ​​3,800 acres, on which the Geyser is located, in 2016 was purchased by the Burning Man’s festival organizers, which takes place every year near Geyser. For a long time he was closed to the public, and most recently the owners began to conduct group walks for photographers, artists and tourists. Access restriction is also due to the additional level of danger, as some of the water pools reach above 95 degrees Celsius.


If you do not plan to take an excursion, then the geyser is perfectly visible, being about 500 meters from the road 34.

How to get?

Geyser Flace is located 33 kilometers north of Jerlak, Nevada. On the way, you will come across a popular stop along the Burner Highway, designed specifically for monitoring the geyser.


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