Flowers of life in Vienna

The most democratically configured parents have already sent their children to a well-deserved summer holiday and have a complete opportunity to relax to their taste. The most conservative, not showering with your beloved chad, resting the whole family. For centrists who spend travel vacation, there are special programs in many European hotels. Children travel along with their parents, live with them, but they have the routine of the day – corresponding to their age and interests. And parents are free and children under supervision.

This season, six hotels connected to this program only. For the first time in languages ​​on which teachers communicate with the children entrusted to them, our is included. In addition, a child can practic in English, French and Italian, well, and German, of course.

Excursions for children are so interesting that even parents want to join them. Not only the Vienna Zoo Schönbrunn – the oldest in the world – deserves the attention of adults, but also the Palm Museum or the Museum of Butterflies, where the butterflies are kept on the will, and to see them, you have to wade through the tropical thickets.

Flowers of life in Vienna

But at the Children’s Costume Ball in the Schönbrunn Palace, adults will only fall as spectators and will not be able to suggest their princesses how to choose a real prince.

The price of all the caregivers (in day and night) is included in the program. Additionally will have to pay only for tickets to paid museums.

Flowers of life in Vienna

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