Flower traditions of the world

From ancient times, there were an integral part of national cultures: they became symbols of cities, events or ancient birth. Some floral traditions are striking their extravagance, others attract romantics or practicality. Flower delivery Voronezh became the usual business for us, but a whole story of this or that native may hide behind each flower. With the customs of some countries, we offer to meet.

Turkish floral etiquette

In Turkey, the composition of fire-red flowers is a symbol of friendliness and joy from the meeting, and a blue-white bouquet – sorrowless heartbell and sorrow. And the most favorite flowers of the Turks – tulips that they like to give about and without. Women in age are taken to present roses, gerberas or orchids, while young girls give exceptionally unacceptable buds.

Belgium – the capital of flower carnavals

Flower traditions of the world

Fans of flower holidays should be at the festival of flowers, which takes place twice a year in Belgium. During this celebration falling in August, the main square of the city blooms a real carpet from living plants of all possible colors and shades. This tradition has been several decades, and its founder has become a landscape and landscape designer E. Statemance.

Finnov at all is not good to sell flowers on the streets. A bouquet or a separate plant can be purchased only in special stores. Alternative to the delivery of Togliatti flowers, which is very popular here. Finns, like many other Europeans, do not give much the amount of colors in a bouquet, but each type of colors they have a special role. So, for example, orchids are made to give on the mother’s day, and in Easter on graves, terry yellow tulips are imposed on the graves.

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