Flower street

Flower street It has long been one of the symbols of Cordoba. It is located in the old Arab quarter, where narrow streets are not allowed to create natural flower beds at home. Then the solution was found – the whole street crowded with pots and pots with flowers. The flowers here can be seen on every balcony, on the walls of houses, and even on the roofs of low-rise homes. Particularly pleased with the arch of the eye colors thrown over the narrow streets.

From April to November on Flower Street, you can see numerous geranium, rose, carnation. The snow-white color of the walls provides a perfect backdrop bright red inflorescences. Local residents strongly support the glory of the street. Since early May, patios houses are opened for tourists. It was at this time the city held a competition for the most beautiful flower yard! By the way, encouraging spectators and flower pots! There is a special theme – under the pots used most unusual ceramics – as Amphora, or mosaic tradition Arab Spain, with a grid or cracks and chipped picturesque. Every flower pot is of special significance and a special charisma in Cordoba.

Flower Street Attractions Cordoba Guide Turproma

Not just given to local residents like beauty. Residents spend up to three hours daily to care for their unusual Garden Street. And how much finance is required to create similar beauty – History is silent!

To visit all the most beautiful floral courtyards, you need to purchase a ticket. Usually its cost does not exceed 10 euros. A list of addresses and map is attached to the ticket. The courtyards take visitors from 11-00 to 23-00, with a break on Siesta (14-00 – 17-00).

Flower Street Attractions Cordoba Guide Turproma

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