Flower Market in Hong Kong (Flower Market)

Flower market in Hong Kong – a real paradise for lovers of beautiful flowers, and still maniacs-installers who cannot live without beautiful photos. Like I The market of goldfish, Flower Market for tourists is more interesting from aesthetic point of view, and not with practical. Although … if you want to see the happiest woman in the world next to you, then stand early and do not be lazy to get to the flower market, choose the flowers and wake your favorite with a bouquet in your hands – she will be very nice. &# 128578; But today we will talk about how to make a pleasant beloved, but about the most beautiful market. The flower market is located very close to the Goldenfish Market and Bird market, You can even arrange the most real "market tour" in this area. So, if you want to visit the colors in Hong Kong, you need the metro station "Prince Edward" (Prince Edward), an output B1 or B2, and then like Alice behind the rabbit, follow the pink pointers. You can also get from Mong Kok East Station Metro Station if this Hong Kong Metro Branch is more convenient for you.

Tourists who decide to visit the flower market in Hong Kong, is waiting for the present rue of color and smell.

In addition to classic colors that we used to see, there is a huge number of exotic plants from different countries.

Here you can buy both ready-made bouquets for all occasions, so make a bouquet to your taste.

Flowers mostly imported, a lot of colors from Holland. Here, many people have a question like Dutch tulips in Moscow may be more expensive than in Hong Kong? After all, from the Netherlands to Russia three times closer than to Hong Kong. About freshness of flowers do not have to talk in general. There is no answer to this question.

If you do not like cut flowers, then for you a large selection of colors in pots.

Seeds, pots, fertilizers, seedlings – there is everything for the garden and the garden. Real Paradise for amateur gardeners, koi in Hong Kong, judging by the number of visitors, a lot.

To believe Official site Flower market (and not numerous blogs), the market works from 9:30 to 19:30. The fact is that at 7 am in the stores the bridge of fresh flowers begins, and there is a possibility that someone from the sellers will be able to meet you to meet and sell a bouquet, but it is worth being prepared and to the fact that they will be busy.

Flower Market in Hong Kong

Unfortunately tourists, in almost all countries the customs rules are prohibited from the import of flowers and sowing material from other states. Therefore, nothing remains, how to admire all this beauty, bring home a beautiful village from Hong Kong will not work.

Usually the Hong Kongs are a rather friendly people who are always happy to tourists, but not in the flower market – some shop owners are categorically against the photos, so keep in mind that you may not be asked to do.

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But it is rather an exception, most stores are pleased with the photos and even indicate hashtegi for their colors.

Flower market in Hong Kong – a real oasis, full of bright colors and incredible aromas. If you are tired of skyscrapers and stone jungle, the market of colors will seem to you by a real paradise. And we go to the next market, this time it will be Birds Market, but about him another time.

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