Flower festival in Chiang May. Holidays and festivals of Thailand

Flower festival starts on the first Friday of February and is held annually in the north Thailand, In the city of Chiang May – an extraordinarily picturesque place, hereinafter also by the Rosa of the North.

The name of the city means "multicolor". Local residents have long experienced a sense in beauty. They devoted most of her life breeding flowers. This tradition has survived to this day. Beautiful plants accompany Thais almost all life. Birth, death, wedding, holidays, weekends, visits guests – on each of these events there are magnificent bouquets of colors.

Exactly In Chiang Mae It is held annual Flower festival, Which begins on the first Friday of February.

On this holiday, the city is literally transformed: colorful and noisy processions in which men, women participate, children pass throughout the city. Thousands, millions of spring tropical plants, the active bloom of which comes just during this period, adorns the festive columns, platforms and girls in national costumes.

At this time, more than 3 thousand types of orchids flourish and about a third of them can be seen and purchased on holiday.

Flower festival in Chiang May. Holidays and festivals of Thailand

You can admire the Damascus Rose – a special view found in Chiang May, as well as white and yellow chrysanthemums.

A huge number of tourists seeks to participate in these unusual processions. Hundreds of thousands are pierced in the city, and maybe even millions, a wide variety of colors. Girls sew to this event exotic national costumes, because at the end of the festival choose the most beautiful of them, which will become queen.

The festival lasts three days. Starts early in the morning, and ends late in the evening. The holiday is saturated with the most different and exciting events: opening ceremony, processions, exhibitions and competitions of floral decorators, fairs, performances, election of the queen of beauty.

Flower festival in Chiang May. Holidays and festivals of Thailand

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