Flower Festival in Chiang May 2015

Flowers – one of the brightest and most universal gifts for any holiday. And with the advent of such a service as flower delivery to make a surprise, giving a bouquet, it became even easier, notes WWW.BUKETI.Ru. Well-chosen bouquet of fresh flowers can be presented for a birthday, otherwise, or even without it. And be sure this bouquet will be remembered for a long time.

And the real lovers of flowers should be at one of the most beautiful holidays in Thailand. From 1977 every year on the first Friday of February in the city of Chiang Mai, the parade of colors. In 2015, the festival will be held from 6 to 8 February. The name of the city translated into our means a lot of colors that perfectly characterizes the holiday. This holiday is characterized by a huge number of unique flower arrangements that adorns the whole city on this day. Local residents are traditionally dressed in accordance with the event that has tourists to join this beautiful atmosphere.

Fascinating walks along the flower gallery and unusual flowerbams pass throughout the city. This holiday personifies natural beauty. Just once a year you can see so many floral masterpieces in one place. In addition, a significant event passes for a beautiful sex on the festivals of flowers choose the beauty queen.

One of the brightest events on this day the parade of colors. By the streets of the city, a march of charming girls in national and specific costumes depicting the most beautiful flowering plants. Birds and animals from flowers, as well as cars decorated with various unusual compositions will not leave indifferent not one viewer.

Flower Festival in Chiang May 2015

The wonderful atmosphere also helps support magnificent national music. Orchestras play and sing various performers for guests of the festival. There are also interesting sports ideas on an example, you can see the struggle of masters on swords.

It is worth noting that this floral paradise causes people the most pleasant feelings that has a friendly atmosphere and friendly communication. Almost all visitors try not to miss the magnificence of this place out of the lens of their camera. In addition to colorful photos for memory, you can purchase and flower art skills on numerous master classes. Without a doubt every person just needed at least once in his life to visit this fabulous event.

Flower Festival in Chiang May 2015

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