Florist creates bouquets in unusual places

Florists have a dozen tips, how to extend the life of cut colors. You can cut the stems every day, you can spray the leaves from the sprayer or lay a bouquet for the night in the bathroom. And you can go like Azuma Makoto: freeze flowers. The artist arrived in winter on Hokkaido Island, to a place, which is called "the end of the world" because of the many drunk pines ending their lives there. Having built a bright installation in this depressive edge, Makoto poured it from the water from the watering. Under the influence of wind and low temperatures on the "bouquet", icicles formed all sorts of shapes and sizes.

This is not the first experiment Makoto. A few years ago, he sent bonsai and bouquets to the stratosphere. Prepared compositions tied to balloons and launched into the air in the desert of Lavlock in Nevada (USA). For two hours of flight, aerostats with bouquets rose to the height of more than 29 km. The lowest temperature that affected the flowers, -43,9 ° C. The experiment was filmed on mirrorless chambers.

Florist creates bouquets in unusual places

Compositions Macoto survived and immersion to a depth of 1000 m. In the photo, the Florist team showed how the flowers interact with a strong flow and pressure, as well as with marine inhabitants. "Plants slowly absorbed the darkness, where no ray of light is reached," described Macoto made experience.

Another series of photos Macoto dedicated to human interaction with flowers. Plants found themselves in the center of the metropolis and even in the ring. Makoto removed the wrestler fighters in bouquets. I wonder who will send someone in the knockout: a man of nature or vice versa?

Florist creates bouquets in unusual places

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