Floriana (Floriana)

Floriana (Floriana) – City in the northeastern part of Malta, suburb of the capital of the country – Valletta. Population – 2240 people (2005).

Florian is named after Pietro Floriani, Military Engineer of the 17th Century, which received in 1636. From the knights Order Extend the line of fortifications Valletta. Florian was conceived as a real city-fortress before Valletta.

Today, the characteristic feature of this city is open spaces, gardens and magnificent Patrician houses.

Local attractions – Elegant Church of the Holy Publishing (St. Publius Church), leaving Granaries Square, as well as Argotti Gardens (Argotti Gardens) on the Bastion of St. Philip (St Philip’s Bastion).

Floriana (Floriana)

Under the widespread stone Square Granaris Square (Granaries Square) are hidden by several deep underground storage facilities built at the end of the 17th century in order to provide Valletta with food in wartime.

Of particular interest among tourists also causes Moll (The Mall); Today is the garden, and once was the place where the knights played a kind, tennis. This narrow strip of greenery is littered with statues and signs in memory of events and personalities who left the mark in the history of Malta of the 20th century.

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