Floriad 2012

Floriad is the World Exhibition of Gardening, which takes place once every ten years in Holland. From April 5 to October 7, 2012, the 6th Floriad Flower Exhibition in Venlo will be held.

Floriad theme 2012: "Get closer to nature, feel the quality of life".

Participating countries and companies provide the opportunity to visitors of the Floriad 2012 to enjoy elegant flowers, plants, fruit vegetables from around the world.

Floriad 2012 offers various entertainment, the daily cultural program includes music, dancing, as well as literary and theatrical performances, visual arts. Innovative architectural works for the first time will be presented at Floriad 2012 exhibition.

In addition to exciting educational and innovative ideas, Floriad 2012 is a great place to relax children. Different restaurants, cozy cafes offer visitors to try national food and drinks, as well as international dishes made from local ingredients. On the shore of the lake, you can arrange a picnic, and there will be beautiful flowers and trees around you, at the same time you can watch the grand parades and ideas.

Floriad 2012 allows you to fully enjoy nature. At this exhibition you can please all your feelings – smell, touch and taste!

Floriad 2012

Park has five thematic areas: rest & Treatment, education & Innovation, Eco Zone (Greene Engine), Habitat and World War Stand. The entire park takes 66 hectares: 40 hectares of the entire exhibition, from which 6.000 m2 – Flowers and plants.

International Cuisine Festival will be held on the Boulevard of the International Exhibition.

Vloto in 30-90 minutes can be reached by international airports as Eindhoven, Dusseldorf, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Floriad 2012

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