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Florence, Renaissance’s cradle in the heart of Italian Tuscany, for centuries she decorated her story with the names of such masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Jotto, Michelangelo, Dante and Brunlellesters, who left her the true treasures of art and architecture in the heritage, which are truly no equal in the world. The richest cultural heritage is the true reason why countless fans of beautiful. With the onset of summer, the city literally slows down in tourists, resolutely configured to see the maximum of Florentine jewels. And such here and not read. The city, more precisely, the town, Florence is the owner of a quarter of the UNESCO World Heritage Objects of Our Planet. Yes, for a beginner, first coming here, this is probably not on the shoulders. Do not even try to see everything at once, when there are so many classics for each square meter. However, in order to be unemployed not to be lost and not lost among all this magnificence, follow the guide to Anatoly Kovtun, who tried to draw up a list of the main cultural and historical attractions of Florence.

Start best from the local Dome Cathedral, "Duomo" (at Piazza del Duomo). It is his dome of a red brick, it illers the city surroundings, towering over the horizon line. Decorative facade of the cathedral decorated with marble mosaic of pink, white and green colors. What is curious, internal interiors Duomo are livable and even modern.

Seven hundred stages up the stairs built into the inner construction – a miracle of engineering thought from the architect of the fifteenth century Brunelands, of course, is not intended for people with a bad vestibular apparatus, but types from the domes are worth.

Square in front of the cathedral decorates Jotto Callroom – Bell Tower, soaring in the sky over Tuscany. Divine statues, exquisite carved bas-relief and powerful engineering solution – all of this demonstrates the celebration of the Architecture of the Renaissance. If the height does not bother you and does not scare, then enjoy the stunning view of the city from the top.

One of the oldest museums of the Western Community, the Uffizi Gallery – place on the Florence map, which can not be alleged, without looking inside. Well, if you do not wait to find out who is who in the painting of Renaissance, then the more go to the museum to see the "Annunciation" Leonardo da Vinci, as well as "worship of the Magi" of his hands. Here is the "baptism of Jesus", which is attributed to the Verrock and Da Vinci, as well as numerous works of Jotto, Bothichelli, Michelangelo, Rafael, Titian and Tonteretto. Here’s a truly name for the eyes.

According to a number of observers, Palazzo Vecchio (the old palace) hides a treasure that is not affordable to human gaze. For example, it is suggested that it was here that, behind the frescoes of Vazari hides the canvas and Vints "Battle of Angiari". This thought, in particular, the words of Vazar himself, known for his adolescence, before the work of Da Vinci, who (Vasari) was drawn on one of his cloths, drawn: "Looking to unite". Expert on the history of Art Maurizio Seraticin resorted to help the infra-red detector to find the canvas da Vinci.

In the Gallery of the Academy, the Honorary Locally allocated sculpture "David" of the work of MECELANDGERO. Here you can admire the Madonna with the Baby’s Madonna’s hand. If you prefer sculpture, we advise you to visit the Bargello National Museum, where you will strike a variety of works Donatello, Luke Doby, Verokko, Michelangelo and Chelinka.

In the Museum, Leonardo Da Vinci, crowds of tourists inevitably collect models performed on the natural magnitude, demonstrating the worldview and inventive talena of the Great Masters, from the glider to the tank, and all of the tree. No better place to perceive the creative potential da Vinci.

Florence Treasure City. What to see tourist Florence, Italy Blogs and travel notes of tourists

If you erased to holes and heels, and boots, and at the same time "retired" classics, running on the main cultural and historical attractions of Florence, the time comes to leave the crowd.

On the other side of Ponte Vecchio (the bridge of the time of the Roman Empire), the prestige of which jewelry shops and shops are added along both sides, is the Pitty Palace, where the duke of Tuscany. And behind it, exquisite gardens of boboli rise. It is good to arrange a picnic, and then, having risen on the top of the top, to rejoice on myself the mother-in-law (or darling) for the fact that you managed to get rid of the human flow and quietly enjoy the surrounding species.

Another option – a trip to the Middle Ages. To do this, it is enough to listen to the monks-Benedexticians from San Minyato sing Greranian stances during evening prayers in the oldest Florentine Church, ascending to the eleventh century. By the way, hence the amazing landscapes also open. After all, the church stands on one of the highest points of Florence.

The Florence and the modern world of Italian fashion are equally close. Gucci, Puchchi and Cavalli began here, and at the same time with them and Salvatore Farragamo. This can not boast Prada, Chanel, Armani and other paintings. But their presence in the city is felt everywhere. Glamor boutiques occupy VIA Tornaboni. Even better – to go after designers on the outskirts of Florence, replete with copyrighted shops and shops, where you can find decent masterpieces on a very attractive price. If you are the original to give preference to extravagance, visit the Zoological Museum of La Specto, where the human body is reproduced before Zhuchi, and an incredible set of animals and other attractions of the Victorian Museum of the Victorian Epoch are also represented.

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