Florence Sightseeing: Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio Bridge – "Old Most") is opposite the Uffizi Gallery and is the most famous and old bridge in Florence.

He was erected in 1345 and is distinguished by the original three-time design. From the very beginning, he was designed so that shopping shops could accommodate here. From the arches located in the middle of the bridge, overlooking the other vintage bridges – Ponte Alla Grazie and Santa Trinit, as well as the picturesque neighborhood of the Arno River.

On both sides of the bridge there are residential buildings that survived from the XIV century. Ponte-Vecchio also did not change the droplets for the century past from his construction. In order to protect the bridge in the southern part, the Mannelli Tower was erected.

Since the XVI century, Ponte-Vecchio Bridge is beginning to call gold, since all his shops were reorganized into jewelry workshops and shops. The upper side of the bridge called the Vazari Corridor (Corridoio Vasariano) connects Palazzo-Vecchio and the Uphite Gallery with Pitti Palace.

This indoor transition over the stores was specially built in 1565 for the Medici dynasty by Jiorgio Vazari. In the gallery on the territory of Corridoro Vazariano, there are almost 700 works of Titian, Leonardo da Vinci, Jotto di Bondone, Self-portrait Ezhen Delakroy, Rubens, Engra Salvator Rosa.

Florence Sightstation Ponte Vecchio

Recently, the corridor is open for tourists. You can sign up for a private excursion with a guide through the online form here, however it will cost 59 euros. Cheaper option – do without a guide, for this you need to pre-sign up for an excursion by phone +39 055 294883.

Since the construction of the bridge Ponte-Vecchio almost has not changed
Vazari corridor passes over the bridge

Route: Near the same-name Bus stop Ponte Vecchio (C3, D).

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