Florence Sightseeing: Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral

Cathedral of Florence Santa Maria del Fjore, or just Duomo, is located at the Cathedral Square in the heart of the city. On this huge temple, decorated with thin carvings, multi-colored stoves and wondrous sculptures, the largest brick dome in the world is installed: he was designed by the brilliant architect Philip Bruntelleski.

The complexity was not only to create a stable and reliable design, but also to carry out construction work at such a high height. As a result, the master created a number of cars that helped solve this task. The architectural complex includes the cathedral itself, the bell tower, the Baptistery, where Dante baptized and other great natives of Florence, and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage List. The sizes of the cathedral are determined by its task: he had to accommodate the entire population of Florence, at that time about 90 thousand people lived in the city.

Construction lasted about six centuries with the participation of many architects. The draft cathedral was developed by Arnolfo di Cambio, for which the monument was installed at the Cathedral Square. The construction of the bell tower was engaged in Jotto di Bondone. The cathedral was completed in 1887, when the decor of the facade was completed.

Florence Sightseeing Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore

Duomo Cathedral, built in the form of the Latin Cross, has a semicircular apse, two side translats, three nef. Especially the tower with bas-reliefs and 16 sculptures of the prophets and patriarchs. Also interesting is the unusual watches of the middle of the XV century, working until now. Clock arrows Paolo Stochello move in the opposite direction. Jotto di Bondone and Filippo Brunlellesters were buried on the territory of the Cathedral.

The sizes of the temple and the decor of the facade are shocked by the imagination: the structure can be viewed by clock
Large seemingly at a distance
Bell tower
Mural on the dome of the cathedral

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