Florence opened a fountain with gas

In Florence, an unusual fountain appeared on Signoria Square. From it, the round day will beat the gas. Now any tourist and a resident of the city will be able to absolutely free to drink carbonated water. At the solemn opening of the fountain, Matteo Renzi was present – the mayor of Florence. He noted that the construction of the fountain is organized primarily for guests of the city so that they do not have to buy pretty expensive bottled water. Note that its price sometimes comes to three euros per bottle in half liters.

Fountain with a gasing is not the first in Florence, from which you can drink water – before that there were seven seven, but the only one, where there is no ordinary water, but a carbonated. The reliable pump for the fountain installed in the new attraction will allow one month to distinguish about 100 liters of water. Soda, before getting into the fountain bowl there are several special filters, and all connections are made waterproof to prevent even the slightest leaks.

Florence opened a fountain with gas

According to the representative of Publiacqua, serving a fountain, such an innovation will not only allow tourists to save on the purchase of water, but is more environmentally friendly, since the environment does not clog plastic bottles.

Florence opened a fountain with gas

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