Florence – Unique Italian Museum City, which will certainly be visited by every tourist who is interested in Italy. The city is located on the Arno River and is the center of Tuscany.

Name of the city Florence translates from Italian as «blooming». Historians believe that the city was founded back in 59 to.NS. – Thus, Florence – One of the most ancient centers of Europe.

The city can rightly be called the Renaissance Renaper, and the attractions of Florence are extensive and unique. Today, tourists can see here many vintage cathedrals and churches, magnificent palaces and cultural monuments and art. In particular, in Florence are the world-recognized masterpieces, the works of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Bokcchcho and other Italian geniuses.

We add that in Florence, tourists can not only enjoy the spiritual food, but also simply have a pleasant time: there are many cinemas, theaters, the bars, cafes, are open, diverse festivals are open.

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What is interesting to see in Florence?

Top attractions of Florence

Gallery Ufitzi

Ponte Vecchio

Bell Tower Duomo

Cathedral Santa Maria Del Fiore

Palazzo Vecchio

Church of Santa Croce

Palace of Medici Riccardi

San Marco Museum

Palazzo Pitty

Palazzo Strozzy

Florence: Excursions and Events

Of course, the most popular excursion to Florence – This is a sightseeing walk around the city. This is how it is possible to quickly and quickly inspect the main city attractions related to different epochs. To make a sightseeing tour of Florence, you can use the services of an experienced guide.

Visiting the gallery of Uffizi – Another mandatory program of the program while traveling in Florence. The guide will hold tourists through the gallery chairs and pay attention to the central exhibits of the extensive collection of the museum.

Other alternative excursions are also offered in the city, for example, visiting the Museum of Machines Leonardo da Vinci, «Michelangelo – genius in detail», as well as an excursion with «Highlight» entitled «In bed with a medical».

The most complete to get acquainted with the Florence of the Renaissance era can enter a three-hour excursion «Florence. Dynasty Medici».

And young guests of the city will definitely shoot a tour «Florence through the eyes of children».

The cost of excursions varies on average from 40 to 200 euros. Individual excursion tours are more expensive – Already 400 euros.

History of Florence

Climate in Florence

Climate Florence – Typically continental. In winter, the air temperature may decrease to minus 10°C, in November and in March it is often rainy, and the air temperature is at +15°WITH. However, this time, however, is favorable to visit Florence – It is during this period in the city a few tourists, which means there are many free hotels and pleasant prices for the traveler.

Florence, Italy Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Florence Travel Guide

The beginning of the tourist season in Florence – This is April-May, at this time the air warms up to +20°C increases humidity as well as prices.

In the midst of summer in Florence, very hot, the locals leave the city, but prices are not reduced due to the peak of the tourist season, but the air temperature is usually not lower than +30°WITH.

At the autumn time in Florence comes «Golden season». In more detail with the weather, Florence can be familiar with the months, following the link.

Florence: Entertainment and Activities

Recently, cycling tours of Florence and Tuscany are increasingly popular.

Clarify that the routes of this type of tours run away from tourist routes, respectively, tourists-athletes nothing will prevent enjoy the journey.

In particular, some agencies offer cyclershots from Florence to Chianti’s trees, where tourists are waiting for a satisfying lunch, wine tasting, a tour of the vineyards and the olive oil plant.

In addition, you can rent a motor scooter in Florence, but be careful – Movement in the city in places is very busy, and the streets – Narrow and looping. The rights to rent a moped in Florence are not needed.

Also in Florenia, there are many nightclubs, the bars occur almost on every corner, museums work late, regularly conduct various festivals and other entertainment activities outdoors. We add that Florence is a night city, so often the festivities here we are only in the morning.

Transport features of Florence

Buses: Buses in Florence run regularly, while at each stop there is a schedule of their movement and electronic scoreboard. However, in Florence, drivers’ strikes often occur, which make unexpected adjustments to the timetable timetable.

Add that you go to the bus in Florence through the front or rear doors. And the map routes can be purchased at the station. Moreover, in Florence, there are environmentally friendly buses operating on diesel fuel. However, they move very slowly and on very tangled paths.

Car rental: Points of car rental in Florence are located around the urban station. In order to rent a car, tourist will need a passport, rights, driving experience from 1 year, credit card. Car rental for a week will cost about 200 euros. You can save by contacting a small agency.

Airports: Florenia International Airport is 4 km north-west of the city, in the town of Peretola (Italian. Peretola). Buses from the airport to the city every 20 minutes.

Florence, Italy Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Florence Travel Guide

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