History of Florence

The history of Florence is extremely fascinating. The city was founded in 59 to our era, Julia Caesar on the spot, where the village of Etruscov was played.

The city was planned as a military camp – It is based on a clear square. So, the settlement was called Casta Florence, that is, a thriving camp.

In the Middle Ages, Florence was in the shade of other powerful cities – Pisa and Lucca. At the beginning of the XII century, a new period began in the history of Florence – She became a commune. So, at this time, gold coins began in the city, soon became the pan-European currency of Florins. Also Florence captures neighboring areas – Fiezol, Pisa, Siena. As a result, the city became the capital of the Duchy of Tuscany.

In the XV century, the surname of Medici came to power in Florence, which turned the city to a true cultural center. And in 1860, Florence became part of the combined Italy, in the period from 1865-1871. Florence even was the capital of the country.

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Next, the history of Florence is very sad – In the XIX century, part of the historic center of the city was destroyed in favor of Piedmont-Turin architecture. During World War I, Florence has repeatedly bombed. In addition, the facilitative damage caused fascist troops.

Fortunately, the many Florentine attractions came to this day. Thus, the city can be bolden by the city museum. It is noteworthy that the historic center of the city is included with the World Heritage List.

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