Florence – Cultural Center of Europe

Florence is a small Italian city with blooming streets and a huge historical heritage. Rest in Florence may be the most diverse. But by visiting this city, you must definitely pay attention to the fact that it is the center of the Renaissance. It is here that the buildings and monuments have been concentrated since. In Florence, the famous sculptors, architects, writers, poets and artists of the Renaissance.

Here everything is saturated with history and culture. It is important to walk along the corridors of Vazari, which designed the famous architect. Portraits of Medici and other royal persons hung around the corridor. Magnificent churches that are many here are. And just beautiful, narrow streets that seek thoughts about the greatness of local rulers. Therefore, make a tour of the story, using a tourist bus or ordering a walking tour of it is necessary. There are enough impressions for a long time.

A huge number of Florence of wonderful restaurants and cafes in which you can taste the most sophisticated meals, as well as national cuisine. You can stay in both the fresh air and indoors. Shopping lovers will find a lot of a variety of shops with clothes, perfume, shoes, jewelry. And shops with souvenirs just do not consider.

Florence - Cultural Center of Europe

As soon as it darkens, the city lights up colorful lights, and life continues to spill. Night discos, clubs and entertainment on the square so and hung tourists. Restaurants, bars and cafes continue to work.

In Florence, it is worth visiting, seeing its architectural monuments, wander to the places that the famous artists and sculptors stepped up on their creations.

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