Florence: Architecture, Art and Wine

Leaving Rome with his endless queues, I went on to travel in Italy, the next city in my list was Florence.

By the way, choosing for a long time to ride around the country, on a rented car or public transport, I chose the last. Of course, it does not give full freedom of movement with the ability to rinse anywhere on the road, but the finance and time saves significantly. Especially if, as a means of movement in the country, choose a train, which brings from the city to the city 2 times faster, and it will remove an extra headache about the search for parking, with which in some cities there are very big problems.

From Rome to Florence in a comfortable chair, the train will take less than 1.5 hours.

I usually book cheap hotels at my trips, and sometimes hostels, but when traveling in Italy, I wanted to taste more local atmosphere, so I chose an apartment in every city. And it was in Florence that I had the most unusual place, firstly, I first encountered the fact that for all the time I did not meet the owner of housing or at least a person who had a relation to this. Finding a key sent me on Watsup, the address was not far from the railway station, the photo of the box near the entrance to the building and the password, which the box was opened, inside me I was waiting for the key. The apartment itself was on the roof of the house on Santa Croce Square (the entrance to the right next to people):

This is not an exaggeration about the roof and at first sight it seems with something terrible and cheap, but it gave me great pleasure, because every morning I had breakfast on a small terrace with here with this kind of famous terracotta roofs:

Well, or sat with a glass (yes, I am a pervert) Wines overlooking Santa Croce Square:

But despite the fact that Florence is the capital of Tuscany, my story will not be about wine, although without him the rest is simply impossible here, but for this it is better to take the car and ride around the district. I first examined the city and, unlike Rome, I visited all the sights that planned. A business card of the city, in which it is possible from the first photo to unmistakably learn Florence is the famous dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore:

It seems to me that every time he appeared in my field of view, so I definitely did a photo.

At the same time, it’s surprising that with all the awareness of the dome, mostly on the photo from afar, I somehow did not very much imagined his architecture, so I was even a little surprised, seeing him near, for some reason my imagination was drawing something else:

I adore when the architecture makes you peering into every detail:

In the cathedral itself, you can get free, but if you want to rise to the bell tower or dome, you will have to get out for 18 euros, to buy a ticket. There is one moment, even when buying a ticket, if you reserve the time to visit the dome, you will not be allowed inside, and you will find out this, only defeating the watch queue, there were enough such people:

It is also necessary to understand that the rise in the dome and the bell tower is carried out on foot and in both cases it is to overcome more than 400 steps, therefore it is pre-solved for himself to solve whether a person ready to flow of 72 hours. Personally, it seems to me that the bell tower is more interesting from the point of view of the review, because from the dome is not visible to the main urban attractions of Florence – the dome itself ? The photo of the dome from the bell tower is published above, so there will be just views of the city:

The last photo shows another famous Palazzo Vecchio building, the former residence of the Duke of Kozimo I Medici, which stands out to the Arnolfo’s tower, Dan Brown’s creativity lovers know that it is here that the posthumous mask Dante author’s "Divine Comedy" is stored:

Palazzo Vecchio, though a popular place, but personally, it is not a business card of Florence, as the previously described Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiior, but in this list it is definitely one of the most recognizable bridges of the world – Ponte Vecchio.

This is the oldest bridge in the city that has not changed its appearance from the 14th century, from interesting features can be noted at home that are located right on the bridge. Where small windows are located, the corridor connects the Palazzo Vecchio in Palazzo Pitty. As they say, Architect Georgeo Vazari built him on the order of Kozimo Medici could safely pass from one Palazzo to another, passing the moon shops of butchers who were located on the bridge. Now the butchers are no longer selling souvenirs and jewelry, and it is probably the most crowded place in all Florence:

The previously mentioned Palazzo Pitty was the main residence of the Great Dukes of Tuscany Medich, and after the Italian kings. Now this is the largest museum complex of Florence, although the building itself, being an outstanding monument of the architecture of the Quatrochetto, did not produce a special impression on me:

But behind it is the amazing park ensemble of Boboli gardens. For the entrance will have to pay money, but lovers hide from the heat in the shade of trees or just stroll through the park. The place uniquely should like:

Florence Architecture, Art and Wine

Park area 4.5 hectares is a real open-air museum:

If you continue the subject of art, it is difficult to find some city in Italy, who does not hide in his museums any world famous exhibit. Florence in this regard is no exception, the more she is the cradle of the Renaissance.

Art lovers first of all should go to the Uffizi Gallery, where you can see your eyes to see the work of Michelangelo, Raphael or Leonardo da Vinci:

One of the most recognizable and popular paintings here is the famous "Birth of Venus", I think that even the most distant from painting a person somewhere yes saw this work of Botticelli:

To see each other than the famous work with your own eyes, sent to which the lion’s share of souvenir products is impregnated not only in Florence, but also in Number of Italy, it is necessary to send to the Academy of Fine Arts. It is here that the original marble is the statue of David’s work Michelangelo, but be prepared for the crowd of people who fill it, not noticing other no less interesting work:

Well, do not forget that in Florence and on simple homes in some lane can see something interesting:

After enjoying walking around the city, familiarizing with all architectural attractions, as well as enjoying works of art, the time goes to Michelangelo’s Square, probably, the best time to enjoy the sunset in Florence:

Here you can spend a pleasant evening:

The main thing is to stock up a bottle of delicious Italian wine, take some fresh fruits and cheeses:

Florence Architecture, Art and Wine

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