Flora and Fauna Bhutan

Everyone who will make sure to come to the mysterious Bhutan will undoubtedly admire the unique Flora and the fauna of this country and will take part in a variety of excursions, most of which take place in nature. Traveler will spend on the mountains and the most interesting pedestrian trails stretching along the most beautiful forests and rivers.

Bhutan is famous for the variety of his flora and fauna. Almost untouched forests of this country are located at various heights and in different climatic areas. In Bhutan – 10 Reserved Areas, covering 16.396.43 kV.km and occupying more than a quarter of the total area of ​​the country.

The country is divided into three zones: alpine (4000 meters and above) without wide forest cover; Moderate (from 2000 to 4000 meters) with coniferous and broadst forests and subtropical (from 150 to 2000 meters) with tropical and subtropical vegetation. Since the difference in climatic and high-rise zones is diverse, Flora and Fauna in each of the regions is also different.

Forests in Bhutan are divided into fir, mixed, pine, flat coniferous, highlands, hardhold, plain hardhold and tropical floodplain. Almost 60% of all plants growing in Eastern Himalayas can also be found in Bhutan. There are many medicinal plants in this country – here are their 300 species. One rhododendrons – more than 46 varieties. Everywhere – magnolia and orchids of various colors, wolter year, edelweones and juniper thickets. Separate mention is worth a blue poppy, which is a national flower of Bhutan.

Diverse and animal world of the country. At altitudes from 3000 to 4000 meters, you can meet rare snow leopards, Bengal Tigers, Red Himalayan Retroots and Panda, Mountains and Langurov, as well as Himalayan Black Bears and Indian Zambarov. On the way, you can meet boars and mungs, blue rams and musky deer, leopards, mountain and thin-rod monkeys.

    Flora and Fauna Bhutan
  • Tonclothy monkey
  • rhododendron
  • crane
  • Blue Mak

Paradise for Ornithologists

Bhutan – Paradise for Ornithologists and Lovers Way for Active Bird Life. More than 670 species of birds settled here, actively moving in 221 countries of the country. Birds fly at different heights and prefer one or another housing depending on the season and weather status. About 50 species of them are winter migratory: oatmeal, herons, ducks, frozard and finch. About 40 species of birds are "Partial migrants". These are haircuts, cucks, beeles, flies and slatts.

Among the most rare bird species it is worth highlighting Orlana-Krikuna, a white heron, gray tragopaths, red wretched bablebar, a redhead parrot, a gray partridge, Himalayan dupel, haircuts, rhino birds and rags.

Bhutan is a house for ten species of rare birds that are on the verge of extinction. The most unusual – the so-called "Imperial" The Heron entered the register of the 50 most rare birds in the world, among which there is also a black-housing crane that brewed in Tibet and flying to Bhutan on "Zimsovka".

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