Flood in the Carpathians 2020

Everything would be nothing, but periodically it leads to the terrifying consequences of the form of colossal floods, with all the way. Not to mention that the illegal cutting of the forest, by itself, the thing is quite disgusting, destroying the forest fund, and with it – and animals. Who simply nowhere to live.

As you know, healthy pine can hold up to 5 tons of water in the ground with its roots, if there are no pines, no roots, which means nothing holds water. This is especially dangerous in high slopes, that is – in the mountains.

Scale of destruction

Flood 2020., The happening just a week ago – in the last days of June, and continued to this day, caused a tremendous damage to the mass of settlements. Roads were destroyed, landslides simply demolished them, bridges destroyed, many houses were flooded to roofs.

June 24 2020. Water in the Tis River rose to 5 m, 200 settlements completely or partially went under water. Among them are the famous resort of Bukovel, as well as the city of Chernivtsi. River Prut in Chernovtsy rose on June 24 by 6 meters, as a result of which the Kalinovsky market was partially under water.

Scale of destruction, photo

A total of five regions suffered from flooding in Western Ukraine: Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Chernivtsi and Ternopil region. Ivano-Frankivsk region most affected. For a few days, according to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Arsen Avakov, in Kosovo, Verkhovinsky and Rozhnyatsky districts, at least 70% of precipitation from the month of the norm.

The scale of destruction, photo 1

In the village of Sheshory (the place is known thanks to the music festival held here), the Kosovo region, who escaped from the banks of the river not only flooded many households, but also demolished a whole store. Also in this village, 4 bridge washed. Another popular resort – Yaremche, lost part of the highway due to landslide and flooding.

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Railway tracks were blocked or damaged to the Mikivalian Trohaft sites, and Yaremche-Mikivalin. In the city of Galich Ivano-Frankivsk region, a district hospital turned out to be flooded (it contains a branch for coronavirus patients).

The scale of destruction, photo 2

In total, 90 bridges were destroyed, almost 2 km of fortified coast, as well as more than 110 km of automotive coating. Rescuers launched active activities to save the population and eliminate the effects of flood. Although, as of today, the rains continue, and the water level is rising with them.

Flood in the Carpathians 2020

Scope of destruction, photo 3

In some areas, the water level in the flooded settlements went to the decline. In Rakhovsky district, about 70 basements of private houses were freed from flooding. In 20 of them, water was pumped out rescuers using mobile pumps, from the rest of the water left by itself, thanks to the harvesting of dirt out of dirt and logs with excavators. Some ruffles of briced rescuers are to calculate manually with chainsaws in hand.

The scale of destruction, photo 4

According to the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Arsen Avakov, more than 1,500 mchnikov are involved, in addition, four helicopters, a special company of the National Guard Mountains, many units of technology. According to the president of Zelensky, the flood 2020 will cost Ukraine not less than a billion hryvnia.

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The evacuation of local residents is constantly being carried out, assistance is delivered by helicopters to the alpine, completely cut off from the rest of the world, the village. All families whose possessions and houses suffered from flooding will receive compensation and help in restoring housing. A total of more than 4,600 residential buildings were injured, and by 29. NS. Road (and water) Message has not yet restored.

Also, as of July 2, the center of Odessa was flooded, in addition, the height of the river basin rose rose by 0.5 meters. So if you think to go illegal – first, first, read our article about all the nuances of such a journey, and secondly – having time, while the water level of rivers and swamp will fall.

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