Floating School in Cambodia

Visit the village school in Cambodia for some reason I wanted before the journey started to this country. And I wanted rustic, and not urban, where everything will be "slightly". Therefore, my last day in Siem Ripe (after acquaintance with the temples) I studied just a trip to school. This school is located in the village on the water on the Lake Tonleshap – the largest indochy water reservoir. I’ll tell you about the village in a separate report about Cambodia, and now I will go to school, which, like all the buildings, is in the water.
Having driven by car more than 700 km in Cambodia, I constantly met schoolchildren in white shirts walking along the road or traveling on bicycles. But this school can not come or arrive, you can only sail onto the boat.

Sailed the last and you will have to go to school, jumping for other boats.

Class little by little begins to be filled with students. This is what class looks like in this school – in each above the board portraits of the royal family and the flag of the country.

Before the start of lessons there is still a little time and you can get together with thoughts.

In other schools, Cambodia, children remove shoes before entering. Here I have not seen such shoes, t.To. Children are already sailing barefoot.

Classes at school start at 8 am, 5 days a week for five or six lessons per day.
The lesson begins:

Public education in the country is free, salaries from teachers are not high. As a result, the schools of Cambodia are very lacking teachers (and not only), so one teacher can lead several lessons at the same time. But it was still interesting and unusually observed how the lesson passes. The teacher comes with a sandwich in his hands and with his son running around. Not to say a word, writes task on the board. And also silently, leaves the class, bites the sandwich.

What happens in our classes when the teacher disappeared behind the door? I immediately begins Kavarda. But not in Cambodian school. Nothing has changed with the departure of the teacher, everyone continued to diligently sit and perform the task.

Although there is something in common with our schools – in the first items diligently do, and in the last yawns.

Many students are very interested in a notebook on the desk – not along the table, as usual, and across. And write in this case they are not left for the right, and from the bottom up.

They sit at the desks they are also very unusual – squatting. Not all in a row, but I often saw this.

Interested me and seating students in class – girls on the left, boys on the right.

Although first-graders sat without such separation, apparently did not come again time.

As in our schools, marked teachers in notebooks with red ink.

Several sketches during class.

Heavy in teaching and fun without it.

But the school bell rang.

And the change begins.

Floating School in Cambodia

You can play. Children played in cards, but not ordinary, and with cartoon characters.

Just sit and chat. That’s the whole life from childhood on the water. In rustic schools, rare children finish even 6 years of elementary school, usually 3-4 grade, especially girls. Read writing learned and then it’s time to help parents on housekeeping.

It is a pity, it was not possible to find out what kind of "checkers" is for the game, but clearly very popular.

Formally, training in public schools is free, but all educational supplies have to buy themselves. Sometimes it is very expensive for the family. Especially considering that Cambodian families are large – on average 4 child. If it were not for the help of charitable organizations from Vietnam and South Korea, many children would not be able to attend classes.

There is a school and a recreation and relaxation corner.

Pinshikov was generally a lot in school, they walked freely in classes even during classes.

What struck me most is the school kitchen, where the food for students was preparing. Comments here are unnecessary, you just need to see.

Home children are returned also by throwing a fence in the boat and taking in her hands.

Finally, a few more photos of these very cute and pleasant children in Cambodian school.

Floating School in Cambodia

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