Floating Pony Island Assatigu

Every year on Assateague Island (AssateAgue), which is located between the states of Virginia and Maryland in the United States, a unique swim is held. His uniqueness is that no people take part in it, and 150 wild pony.

Every year, approximately 150 wild pons of chinkotogu (chincoteague) are forced to sail through the channel dividing the island assault with the gap of chinkotogu. When they reach another shore, they are cleaned, put off and sell from the auction.

Money accepted for a pony at auction goes to the local organization Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company. These are peculiar local firefighters volunteers. Part of the money goes to pay for the annual examination of the veterinarian for the younger pony.

This tradition takes its beginning since 1924, when ChincoteAgue Volunteer Fire Company has become selling wild pony with auction to buy fire equipment.

Floating Pony Island Assatigu

This event has been carried out for 88 years and is aimed at reducing the number of wild pony. Tens of thousands of spectators from all over the world come here to look at this exciting spectacle.

On the island of Assatigu, all ponies are divided into two herds, which separates the fence from each other, at the same time being the boundaries of states. Pony of Maryland is considered by the authorities as wild animals and practically no help from man do not receive. While Virginia’s pony lives in the National Reserve and a full survey from the veterinarian is held twice a year.

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