Floating Market on Phuket

Finally, the Phuket Floating Market Floating Market appeared on the Phuket map. Opened it in the very center of the island, in the area of ​​Katu, opposite the Loch Palm Golf Club. To date, this is the only floating bazaar on Phuket and the largest in the south of Thailand. He successfully fits into the list of all interesting island fairs.

A project that includes more than 280 stores and cafes, built on the lake, remaining from the era of tin boom. A long time ago a mine was located here. In a huge territory, 35 acres spread comfortable pontoons with benches and cafes, street streets, wooden bridges, restaurant courtyard and scenes for performance.

The floating market of Phuket is completely unlike the one in Bangkok, where the morning excursions will be organized. It is better to compare with the famous market on the water in Hua Hin. More like a stylized fair without bakery channels, shopping and entertainment park, where traditions are mixed with modernity, forming a unique style and local flavor.

Restaurant courtyard with multiple shops with food and drinks

You can visit the market on the water at any convenient time, it resembles Chillva Market or Indy Market on Phuket. Here you will find not only everyday souvenirs, but also unique things brought from other provinces. The concept of the market includes shopping and entertainment for the whole family, pleasant pastime, acquaintance with Thai cuisine and unusual restaurants.

If you have long wanted to buy interesting clothes in Thai style, it is necessary to visit the phuket floating market. Several designer boutiques offer ethnic blouses, shirts, skirts and pants. Similar clothes can be found at the Expo Fair. In the store Being Thai for 300 baht, you can rent a costume of the start of the last century and arrange a real photo session.

In the shops sell t-shirts with printed prints in the style of ancient Siam, peculiar souvenirs with the inscription "Phuket", which you will not meet in other places of the island. As you can see, the prices are very democratic. In addition to traditional and souvenir clothing, you will find a shop of modern Thai designers and author’s products for children and adults.

In addition to ordinary beauty products that you meet in a variety of corners of Phuket Island, handmade cosmetics are sold on floating market. In the shop Yadow SOAP you will find various types of soap and natural scrubs. Take a look at the SME store, where you offer cosmetics with Lemongrass. Under the Artisan brand, except soap, presented face masks and aromatic candles. Bora Bee’s corporate store exposes its cosmetics based on honey and other bee products. And, of course, as in every market of Phuket there are kiosks with goods selling in stores, including 7-11.

Real gourmets will be able to purchase dried spices, sauces and billets for Thai dishes in the Pum store from the Thai cuisine known in Thailand. Soon they plan to open another school on the floating market.

Inflatable mattresses in the form of fruits and animals

In search of unusual souvenirs, visit the shop glass shop and take a look, how the magic is created. Any of the freshly-dove figures can be immediately buy. Pholat mattresses in the form of swans, flamingos, unicorns, donuts, pretzels, pizza, watermelon and pineapple pieces are very popular on Phuket. Look for them in the corporate store Poolfloatchic.

Superhero lovers will be delighted. On the floating market, you can take a picture with the sculptures of Superman, Hulk, as well as sit behind a cup of coffee in the restaurant The Hero Cafe in the company Wolverine, Transformers, Batman and Favorite Heroes of Movies and Comics. For cycle and motorbikers there is a special Bar Khum Mueang, where live music play in the evenings.

Cafe with super heroes

One of the interesting cafes of the floating market is the famous iceman Ice Manias. It is also called "Fried ice cream" or in Thai "Ayim Pad". For a larger frozen baggage, milk or yogurt is poured, add the fruit you choose, stir up to frozen, and then turn the rolls into a cup of rolls – so it turns out a delicious and useful dessert. Ice Manias ice cream interior is painted with images of comic and cartoons.

Floating market on Phuket - Description, photos, prices, how to get a Phuket guide

Interior of ice-cream cafe Ice Manias

To feel the real atmosphere of the floating market, order Tom Yam, Pad Tai or COM there with one of the parked to the pontoon of boat-kitchen. Nearby stands, where it is convenient to settle down for lunch or dinner.

Do not pass by kiosks with traditional phuket cuisine. Try small buns Tao-CO, Sweet Loda O-Eu, dried fruits, nuts and other local desserts. If you want something Netahsky, at your service Japanese restaurant Taiyou with Sushi and Italian Cafe Casa Italia with pizza and paste. And do not forget to try fruit juices, natural tea with flowers and herbs, which is poured into a bamboo cup, or coconut ice cream in bamboo.

If you are tired of wandering on a floating market, look at one of the Salues ​​of Thai Massage or Fish Spa. Or make yourself a merry temporary tattoo in Panda Bliss House. From entertainment you can ride aquatic bike in the form of a swan or on a boat around the market, take pictures with a halkom or other sculptures, feed colored carps or see one view. During the day there are concerts of traditional Thai music, performances of dancers and performances with scenes of ancient Siam. All shows free. For lovers of virtual reality even prepared 4D simulator.

Speech by musicians playing classic Thai music

Floating bazaar in Phuket successfully combines the traditions of an authentic market on water and trend fairs, where the whole family come to spend a fun, eat and something interesting to buy. It is open to the development of local and foreign tourism, why prices remain at the standard Thai level and do not overestimate, as in popular beach places. I believe that it will be very exciting in Thai holidays, for example, on Loi Kratong. Come on the floating market and look at everything with your own eyes.

To date, the floating market is closed.

Floating Market on Phuket
Address: Vichitsongkram Road, Kathu, opposite the turn to British International School.
Working hours: daily from 10 am to 10 pm.
Coordinates: 7.919472, 98.335723

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