Floating market in Pattaya

Floating market in Pattaya – One of the attractions of the city, which established in that epoch, when trade in the squares was subject to a duty, and here trading from boats – With water not taxed. And if you did not have time to visit Bangkok floating market, then be sure to go to such in Pattaya.

Immediately note, the prices on the floating market today are not the lowest, as the place is very attended by tourists. But but the range of Eastern Dicks – On Ploy. As in any other market, bargaining is apparently and welcome. Here you can buy souvenirs, Thai products Hand Maid or Under Hand Maid, and, of course, try the traditional Thai food.

In addition to the trading of food and souvenirs, the market has become a traditional place for a different type of show – Thai martial arts, oriental dances. Here you can ride a boat.

Floating Market in Pattaya Sights of Pattaya Travel Guide

The market is open from 10 am to 23 pm. Entrance to the market area is paid – within 200 baht per person.

The market is 10 km from Patayi, special buses go there (travel price – 30 BAT), you can also take a taxi to the market. Buses walk on schedule five times a day, read the schedule is better in advance on the official site of the floating market.

Floating Market in Pattaya Sights of Pattaya Travel Guide

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