Floating Market in Bangkok

Floating Market in Bangkok – Amazing and integral part of the life of the city, and only then tourist attraction. It is worth understanding that the prices of the floating market – 2-3 times higher than prices in stores, but the atmosphere of boats, trade in fruit, fish, souvenirs, gamon market will give an indisputable gamut of impressions, unique emotions. In addition, the market is accepted to bargain and if your talents in this area are unique, then you will get fruit with you quite economically!

The most famous floating market in Bangkok can be found on the Chaopraya River, it is called Damnown Saduk (Damnoen Saduak). Today it is basically the market for souvenirs and fruits. Boats in the assortment are presented lychee, papaya, Durian, citrus, pineapples, bananas, melons. Also here is a huge selection of incense, oriental spices, specific oils for cooking and cosmetic. You can enjoy here and dishes of national cuisine, cooked directly in your eyes on the boats.

Floating Market in Bangkok Attractions Bangkok Tour Profit Guide

The market has been working until 11 am, in the afternoon too hot for trading and boats travel around. The market is on distance from the city, but in Bangkok you can always hire a boat for 100-300 baht and make a fascinating river trip to the market early in the morning.

Floating Market in Bangkok Attractions Bangkok Tour Profit Guide

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