FLMS – LAUX – Faler, Canton Graubyunden. Switzerland

Flix Wavy Plateau Area – more fifty square kilometers. Soft hills overgrown with thick coniferous forest. Running on the slope and robust. Ravines and depressions, at the bottom of which are hiding charming little lakes Prau Pulte, Tuleritg, Cauma, Cresta and Laaxersee. Name of the neighboring LAKSU METHERS LAGS – "Lake". Surprisingly picturesque terrain. I want to forget about the tracks and branches and go on a walk around the surrounding area. FLMS-Dorf retains his rustic flavor. Warm, homely atmosphere. On the streets with you, completely strangers greet you. The most real, not the butthafa farms cost almost in the center of the village.

Before the aristocratic Flims Waldhaus, where fashionable hotels are concentrated, minutes twenty walking. Two parts of the resort separates the natural border – ravine, lowland (on the map of the tracks for some reason, not labeled), on which the river Flem flows. Immediately behind Valdhaus begins a beautiful forest with those the most lakes. Running to the left, delving into the snow-covered thicket, you half an hour go down to the largest of them – Lac La Cauma. Sparkling on the sun White saucer with an island in the middle, dazzling blue sky above his head, silence only breaks birds. No need to have too rich imagination to imagine what is in this paradise in the summer. Something reminds our north, Karelia.

  • "White Arena"
  • 220 km Descents
  • Laax Murzhechch

If Valdhaus move to the right, after a while you can go to Laax Murzhechch, which in turn is a satellite Laax Dorf. This is the youth, most part of the region. In APRES-SKI bars at the lower station lift atmosphere as in Tyrolean Zelden or St. Anton. And then, even half an hour walk, Faler is located – the most quiet and peaceful resort, ideal for family holidays.


Here, perhaps, the main mystery of Flims, Laaks and Falera: as 28 lifts can (just as many of them in Weisse Arena) provide access to such an extensive riding zone – 180 km of tracks plus 40 km of incntula routes? Some answers. First, the lifts connecting different sectors Weisse Arena are very competently located. Secondly, they are very long – both armchairs, cabins, and bugel; On other resorts, two short shorts are often preferred instead of one. Finally, the relief feature is such that many lifts reveal access to a large area, immediately to several slopes.


Black 8-seater Arena Express Gondolas stretch out of Flims-Dorf to Polyana Plan (1630 m). Road Length – About 4 km, Travel Time – Quarter. Rerep on her second place, you can take another ten minutes to climb Nagens (2127 m). Wide, gentle southern slopes extend from here to the very glacier VORAB (3018): if all these fields roll out the randes, the total length of the Weisse Arena tracks would increase at least a hundred kilometers. Real Stadium for Training Catania.

To the top of La Siala (2810 m) delivers a three-cerebral cable. Eastern slope – somewhat pleasant, the average complexity of the tracks, very little. Lovers take a walk offpiste We inform: Levo should not be taken – you can not go to a dead end, the bottom of the huge depression is significantly lower than Grauberg (2228 m). There is a good plot for inclusions of Siala on the south slope, however, in the top of the full-full of sharp stones – a ski.

Crap Sogn Gion – Mecca Snowboard

On the opposite slopes with Plaun pulls the high-speed 6-chart. Crap Sogn Gion (2228 m) – the busiest place, the center of all Weisse Arena. A large station where several lifts are moored, a hotel for 120 seats, several restaurants and bars, a rental point and other. Right under Cafe No Name – Snowpark with Half Pipes: Having settled on the terrace, Borders and "New Schools" observe colleagues jumping and jumping there under the monotonous rap. A older people in "Unnamed cafe" if they look, then do not stand for a long time – they do not mean anything in this music. And pants they don’t have that width. For older people nearby there is a large semicircular wooden amphitheater at a bar under a broad. Also a very relaxed setting: beer, dances are crying.

  • Arena Express
  • Scheme of traces
  • Cabin lift

Descents to Laak and Faler

With Crap Sogn Gion in different directions, several of the best rounds of the region will start at once. "Black", Under the 125-seater funicular from Lake, – professional sports descent; Wide and steep in the upper third facing east, it is rapid "Fall" Down, converted by long calm rollout. South "Red" The track leading to the intermediate station Curnius (1644 m) and then turning left, under 12-seater gondolas, it is even greater: it is two times longer, also has several speed segments, beautiful passes in the forest area, and – no gentle plots , in any case, to Larnags (1160 m).

Upper Buglels on Crap Sogn Gion – Spacious Beginner Playground. Comfortable to them and soft "blue" Curnius traces, which leads to Faler (1220 m). Arrange the hat from one of the huts that scattered through the southern slope, appreciate the opening panorama. Far away, on the other side of the Rhine Valley, you can see the ropes and tracks of some resort, it seems obverse. And below, a little left Falera, pay attention to a small right shape of the hill and standing at his foot the church of ST.Remigius with tower of the XIII century. Before them is one very mysterious place – spacious glade with 26 mengirs. Who and why 3500 years ago Varked into the ground in strict geometric order these stone blocks? What kind of mysterious cult professed the ancient inhabitants of these places?

Crap Masegn

Large 123-bed funicular (on the car painted in yellow, black letters is written: School Bus) School Bus: School Bus) Sogn Gion with Crap Masegn (2477 m). Between these points – the flat top of the mountain ridge with a very canopy, not even "blue", And pedestrian "Green" Route. With Masegn there are also several descent options. I categorically, I do not recommend choosing a seductive, but a dead end road at number 90: She will lead the land, in the town of Ladir (1206 m). No lifts from there, free Ski-Bus Arena Shuttle does not reach, get out of the flight bus or taxi.

On the southwest slope MASEGN has high-quality, speed"Red" The track with pleasant drops and an interesting outrassay descent under the supports of the long part-timeline cowle, but I would advise you to get to them on the other side, from below, first, having arrogantly around the VORAB PIGN ridge (2897 m).

Glacier VORAB

FUORCLA (2118 m) descend and on the 6-seater gondola rope climb on the opposite slope to the station at 2670 m. From here to the VORAB glacier, to the upper point of the region, there are two parallel two-kilometer bohels – ten minutes will have to surf. The tracks along them, as usual on glaciers, wide and gentle, have east orientation; In principle, it is possible to ride here and in summer, but recently do not turn on – few people want.

Traverses right go to narrow "Sadl" Sattel, to the beginning of a long route with a drop of heights near a kilometer. "Black" It is only at the very top, further – relatively simple descent in Alp Ruschein (1774 m) for a beautiful desert valley. The problem is that avalanches occur here. Waiting for them, rescuers sometimes overlap Sattel, pulling the grid and leaving the duty to watch away so that no one "Fish" I did not slip through it.

  • Beginner skier
  • Speedway
  • On the VORAB glacier

Alp Ruschein – a cute place, sunny, warm, covered by wind steep slopes. A quiet river twists between high snowdrifts. On the shore, the station cannki, a small beach, in the direct sense of the word: the people sunbathe on large yellow mattresses. Bar with drinks, squorthes on open brazier Thick appetizing sausages. This is how, however, it is necessary to keep in mind: Rising from here on the Masegn Shooting Parentine works only until 15:30 – if you descend in Alp Ruschein later, one God knows how much you will be selected from this "Rest zones".

Cassons – Best Outrass Skating

In order to get to the opposite end of Weissearena, in the Cassons sector (2675), the skier with medium preparation is required one and a half or two hours, depending on the route. The eastern sector of the region is somewhat on the severity, although it is associated with the rest of the pairs and 80-seater funicular Grauberg. From its bottom station, you can go to FOPPA picturesque traverse; If you rise from the bottom, from the FLMS-Dorf, you will have to change three mp3. With Naraus (1842) on the sheer wall Cassons throws a funicular with small red 26-seater traps, built half a century ago. In an hour he transports only 230 people, but there are no long queues. The fact is that above Naraus civilized tracks no, the top of the Cassons – the zone of exclusively inclusive riding. From the top station of the funicular, a little rising and the meters of two, passing on the flat "Balcony", can be moved in the western direction and eventually get to SEGNESHUTE (2102). Or, descending for the descent, start painting wide southern slopes – dreaming only that night fell good snow and tomorrow they were virgin.

How to get

Nearest Major Airports: Zurich – 150 km. By train: From Zurich to Kura, then the bus to Flims, Laak, Falera – about an hour. By car from Zurich: Highway A3 to Sargans, then A13 to Reichenau, further climb to resorts (15-30 minutes).

Season and Catania Zone

Season: early December – Mid / End of April. Catania Zone: Height 1100-3018 m, the total length of the tracks in the region is 220 km (including 40 km of inclusive routes). Trails: blue 40%, red 45%, black 15%

Ski pass

Skipass Weisse Arena: 1 day 68 CHF, 6 days 380 CHF, 14 days 845 CHF. Children under 5 years old lifting. Children 6-12 years old DISCOUNT 66%, teenagers 13-17 years old – 33%.

Additional information on the Internet: www.Laax.Com

  • Outrass skating
  • Extreme skating
  • Children’s ski school
  • FLMS - LAUX - Faler, Canton Graubyunden. Switzerland

Ski schools

Lessons in groups: 1 day (4 hours) 65-85 CHF, 5 days (for 4 hours) 320-385 CHF. Private lessons: 2 hours 100 CHF.


Ski / Snowboard: 1 day 40-55 CHF, 6 days 110-200 CHF Boots: 1 day 15-25 CHF, 6 days 75-90 CHF

Ski Plus

In Alpenarena 60 km running ski tracks. In the FLMS-Waldhaus sector: Conn – 10 km, Rens – 5 km; Suraua – 6 km, Bargins – 6.5 km; In the Laax area: Sagogn-Schluein – 11 km, Plaun – 5 km and others.

Highways: with FOPPA in Flis Dorf (3 km) and with Curnius in Faler (3 km).

Snowpacks on Crap Sogn Gion (2228) – Half Pipes, Railla, Border Cross. Snowpark on the VORAB GLETSCHER (3018).

Indoor skating rink in the sports center Prau La Selva. Roller on the lake in Lake.

Pool in Laax Dorf. Pools in a number of hotels open to public visits.

Large wellness SPA-complex Delight in Park Hotel Waldhaus. Fitness centers in Prau La Selva and in many hotels.

Tennis courts at Park Hotel Waldhaus and at the Signina Hotel (Laax Murzhechch).

Kindergartens in Flims Dorf and Laax Dorf. Special programs for children in ski schools.

Where to stay

In hotels and fleecers, Laaks and Falers about 25.5 thousand. places. Accommodation for every taste – from the fashionable Park Hotel Waldhaus 5 * to the youth partner Riders Palace. Accommodation in a double room with half board in a 4 * hotel – from 120-140 CHF per person per day depending on the season; Hotel 3 * with breakfast / half board – from 90-110 CHF. In Flims, Laax and Falera offers a large selection of apartments – from modest studios to 4 *. Studio (2 pax., no meals) – from 600-800 CHF per week. Dvuhchetyrehkomnatnye Partamenty – from 900-1500 CHF per week.

Waldhaus Flims Mountain Resort & SPA. Luxury hotel for demanding clients in a quiet and picturesque location in the Flims Waldhaus. Included in The Leading Small Hotels of the World. 130 rooms. High level of service. several restaurants. New Delight SPA-center, a swimming pool, beauty treatments. Own tennis center. www.waldhaus-flims.ch

Adula. Upscale and luxury hotels in the area of ​​Flims Waldhaus. 96 rooms. Pool, wellness-center. several restaurants. The bus to the ski lifts. www.adula.ch

Laaxerhof. Large hotel with 92 rooms in the area of ​​Laax-Murshetch, near the ski lifts. Swimming pool, sauna. dance-hall. www.laaxerhof.ch

Schweizerhof. Luxury hotel in belle Epoque style is located in Flims Waldhaus. The centuries-old tradition of hospitality. 80 seats. Pool, wellness. www.schweizerhof-flims.ch

Signina. Stylish design hotel – prevailing minimalism and natural materials. Very nice atmosphere and interiors. Located in Laax-Murshetch, opposite the lift station. 150 seats. Swimming pool, sauna. Fitness center, tennis court Krymty. www.signinahotel.Com

Swisshotel Flims. The hotel is located near the ski lifts. A large spa with Turkish bath, fitness and gym, sauna. Grill Restaurant "Grotto", bar. Ski rental at the hotel. www.swisshotel-flims.ch

Surselva. Former Grand Hotel, part of the Sunstar group. 81 room. Sauna, Jacuzzi. Smoking at the hotel is prohibited. www.flims.sunstar.ch

Arvenhotel Waldeck. Cozy family hotel in the center of Flims Waldhaus. 38 rooms. Sauna. www.waldeck.ch

Bellevue. Historic building in the center of Flims Dorf, basements of XVI century. 32 room. Sauna. several restaurants. Friendly personnel. 200 meters to the ski lifts. www.bellevueflims.ch

casa Selva. Small hotel, 34 places. Sauna, fitness center. www.casaselva.ch

Cresta. Located in Flims Waldhaus. 50 rooms. Outdoor hot water. Sauna, Jacuzzi. Fitness. www.cresta.ch

La Siala. Quality hotel with 110 seats in Falera. Lococating, unfortunately, far from the lift. There is a swimming pool and sauna. www.Lasiala.ch

Rancho Laax. Suitable for family holidays. 80 seats. Swimming pool, sauna. To the lifts ten minutes walk. www.Rancho-Laax.ch

Riders Palace. Fashionable youth hotel 70 rooms for 278 people in Laax Murzhechch. Two and five-seater numbers. Accommodation only from 18 years. Night club. www.Riderspalace.ch

Rustico. Cozy hotel for 48 seats. www.Hotelstico.ch

VORAB. Located on the central street Flim Dorf, ten minutes walk from the lifts. 40 rooms. Sauna. Good Italian restaurant. reasonable prices. www.HotelVorab.ch

  • Riders Palace
  • Restaurant La Cena
  • Cafe Livingroom


High-cuisine restaurants, of course, include La Cena in Park Hotel Waldhaus: The menu is replete with dishes of French and Mediterranean cuisine, marine and fish delicacies. Another gastronomic restaurant – Barga (15 points of Gault Millau) – Located at Adula Hotel. For people with exquisite taste and the atmosphere fans Belle Epoque – Restaurant Hotel Schweizerhof. All these institutions are located in Flims Waldhaus. Excellent reputation for Las Caglias and Cavigilli, which are located in Flims-Dorf. And one of the best in Layax is considered postli (Hotel Posta Veglia). And from the windows of Da Veraguth (SAGOGN) offers a beautiful view of the Alps.

Book your local cuisine in Chesa, Clavau Vegl and Bundner Stube (Hotel Bellevue); Look here in Caverna-Keller – this basement is 425 years. Cozy fondue-evening can be held in Tschaler (Waldhaus Park Hotel). And certainly visit the charming little restaurant Da Nus: the real farm in the center of Flims-Dorf, very tasty homemade food from the freshest products. In Layax for dating local specialties, we recommend Alvastube at the Arena Alva Hotel. Among the Italian restaurants in Flims note Pomodoro, Hotel Vorab pizzeria and trattoria Dolce Vita; in Laax – Cristallina pizzeria and restaurant Plazza.

Before you retire to your hotel, guests Flims usually delayed for the apres-ski in the Legna Bar or under the transparent dome Iglu – both located in the Arena Express gondola lower station. For later gatherings – a stylish cafe Livingroom (in the center of Flims Dorf) and bar Bellavista (in Flims Waldhaus); dancing – disco Flem Massiv.

In Laax-Murshetch main poslelyzhnaya get-together also unfolds bulging. Under the yellow umbrella Wa-Wa is always crowded, but fun; Still emotional situation in Crap Bar. Nearby is the popular nightclub Casa Veglia, and literally a stone’s throw – Riders Palace with its Palace Club, which regularly held theme parties, fashion advocate groups and DJs.

In the sector of Flims connoisseurs of good food we recommend to pay attention to Startgels, located at the lower station of the funicular Grauberg: excellent grilled meats cooked over an open fire, a large selection of Italian dishes. On the descent from the Grauberg, hut Sengenshutte, there is a very good restaurant with an unpronounceable name Schwefelanemone. Small restaurants are available on Naraus and Cas Sogns; Berghaus Foppa in twice a week to arrange a fondue evening followed by descent in Flims Dorf sledging. But Nagens station is considered one of the largest in the Alps: there are several catering establishments located both able to take nearly a half thousand visitors. Large self-service restaurant there is also at the foot of the glacier Vorab.

Perhaps the best place for the gourmet on Laax – Tegia Larnags. This restaurant having 14 points Gault Millau, located just above the chalet intermediate station cableway gondola. Book a table at lunch time (or if you are thinking to come up here for dinner) are kindly requested. The same applies to a small, very high-quality Das Elephant, which is located in the top station Crap Masern. But on the Crap Sogn Gion – a Gastro-Zentrum: several self-service restaurants. In addition to them, offers Capalari, this institution is equipped to. former pool. Unchanged popularity in Borderers uses CAFE NO NAME (only 30 places); always crowded in the open Rock Bar – for many APRES-SKI starts here.

FLMS - LAUX - Faler, Canton Graubyunden. Switzerland

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