Flights with baby. What to take with you

Docking! 4 flights! 4 4 takeoff and landing! Well, that from Moscow to Alicante we had a direct flight.

We thought a lot about how to facilitate life on the road of our 7-month-old daughter, and decided that in Moscow we will spend the night. Perm arrived in the afternoon, settled in Domodedovo Aerotel, spent the night, to gain strength in the morning had breakfast and went to the airport on the free shuttle, the hospitality. Comfortable. On the way back to do the same. It seems to us that it was not in vain, though, and increased our budget travel.

I was promised that the children sleep on airplanes, so that their cradles, they direct miraculously fall asleep and wake up to take-off to landing. I’m on it very much hoped, but pre-prepared myself for the trash, so you do not get upset.

Maya did not sleep. No, the first two-hour flight to Moscow, she dreamed for some time, in the time of wakefulness, jumped on me, on the grandfather, taped father’s beard. Did not oral if you are interested. We were very pleased with myself, my daughter and in general the whole evening after just did that they exclaimed: "How to fly easily with a child!"

The second flight to Alicante (5.5 hours) was worse. Daughter so much (it was hot, because I was afraid to turn on the individual air conditioning, in order not to shine a child). No, out of 5.5 hours, Maya still slept 2. I even managed to dine, holding her on my hands. And then until the landing, we had fun, distracted and did Ku-ku.

The reverse flight to Moscow was not very. Out of 5 hours, our girl slept 20 minutes. She really wanted to sleep, but the lighting and noise. And in general, around, because everything is very interesting, how can you sleep. Maya undressed to Bodi, traveled to the grandfather across the aircraft, tried to touch the passenger’s lycin, flirted with behind sitting ladies, played with dad, had the experience of changing diaper in the toilet. Well, yes. It was an ora flight. For some time (what? Well, too, was in the affect state) she fell into an insane condition and fled to the whole plane. Did not calm anything. I associate this behavior with the fact that the child wanted to sleep, but he could not sleep. At some point, the stewardess came running and began to poke me in the face of a baby food jar. I think I snapped. Stewardess disappeared. Well, and the baby calmed down at some point. My relatives say that it was worse to look at me than Maya. Well, yes, not very fun when your cub suffers.

Flight to Perm after this seemed honey. Maya did not sleep, played with cups for water and belt packages.

By the way, about toys and generally about what you need to have with you on the plane. And what’s in baggage.

Of course, all children are different, and you yourself know better what they will need to travel. But our list was like that who can tell someone.

In plane (hand-made)
Food (we had a vegetable puree in a jar)
Driver in the layer
Replaceable clothes for crumbs and for mom (I took for myself a spare t-shirt)

Diapers (quantity depends on the duration of the flight and child habits)
Wet wipes
Disposable diapers
Tissue diaper (losing the baby, throw during breastfeeding, if you are confused by the glances of passengers)
Ointment Viferon for nose (if you believe that it will help you)
Something from a first-aid kit still if you feel. We dripped spanish aquor to the mucous membranes.
Ipad, new or forgotten old toys in sufficient quantities
Sling or Ergo-backpack, if the child approves and at the airport it is more convenient for you to wear it so
Stroller cane, we passed it from the ladder

For games: toys, books – you know what loves to do kid.

For sleep: a pair of diapers, spice.

For bathing: Penka-soap, a couple of toys, a sponge bee :), a personal bath diaper (you can not complicate and wipe the child with hotel towels, if you are going to the hotel and if a child has no allergic matches, of course).

For care: the diaper cream, diapers for the first two days (the rest we already bought in Calpe in the supermarket), disposable diapers (you never know where you need to change the baby).

Flights with baby. What to take with you

For feeding: Vegetable and meat puree in banks, we were carrying our own, in Europe monocomponent puree not to find; We also took a pack of buckwheat with you (yes, we took a buckwheat, haha ​​with me), I made a porridge and puree from vegetables from the market itself by a blender, the blender was also brought his own; Personal Spoon of Maya also visited Spain.

And now advice flying with children

Some airlines provide infanta cradle. If your child is completely small and lulled, decide this question in advance.

Sign up in advance, select a convenient place for you. If mom flies alone, she will probably be convenient to sit at the passage in front of the aircraft. If you have a lot, then let mom sit down at the window when the baby needs to take a walk – relatives or friends are always not afraid to ask to stand up. In the tail at the toilet, probably, it will not be very convenient, because the queues in the toilet accumulate there and is generally noisy.

Traditional Council: At take-off and landing, the child must swallow, so as not to hurt the ears. So arm yourself with breasts, pacifier, roller and t.D. Maya sometimes got distracted from the chest, and then the dad with a slipper and a driver. By the way, it was on take-offs and landings a daughter was calm.

Well, and still. Do not give the baby to sneak, especially if he is crychin. Wear around the cabin, go to the mirror in the toilet, build face faces, wash the water, sing (the volume of singing is determined on the basis of common sense), turn on applications on iPad smartphones (for example, Baby Silencer) or cartoons, invent different fun from undergraduate. Yes, a sachet for vomiting perfectly rustle. One-time cup for juice can be perfectly knocking on the folding table. And if family members or good passengers leave their places for a while and on the passage – you can even rip off on seats.

Enjoy! And imagine that everyone around adore your child adore even in modes "Caprid" and "everything is lost".

In the next post I will give the floor to my husband, which patiently made everything and even managed to rest. And then I will tell about the transition to the new time zone, acclimatization, the mode of the day and how in the conditions of three daily dreams you can travel.

Flights with baby. What to take with you

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