Flights to USA – when and much more profitable to fly

America – Dream, mounted many, if almost all tourists. City-Skyscrapers, Symbols, famous for the whole world, Beautiful national parks, cozy towns «One-story America», Crazy shopping, the brightest shows and much more – All this makes the tourists set a goal – by all means to visit America.

Among the huge variety of American cities can be distinguished by several most popular who travelers choose as a starting point: New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Popular US Directions and Ticket Prices

New York – Skyscrapers,
Statue of Liberty,
bridge and it’s just the beginning

Las Vegas –
Casino, clubs, bars, shows, lightning weddings and millions of lights

Los Angeles – Alley
Fame, famous
Hollywood, Universal-

International Airports

The first thing you have to get acquainted with every tourist – This is the airport. American airports are all very similar and arranged in them everything is extremely comfortable and understandable (even if you do not know English, there will help signs, pictures and signs). I had to visit Andrews at about five different airports and did not have a hint that we can get lost or go there.

International airports in New York:

  • John F Kennedy International Airport, JFK code (main airport, is located in Queens)
  • Laguardia Airport, LGA code (also in Queens)

International Airport in Las Vegas:

Flights to USA - when and much more profitable to fly

International Airport in Los Angeles:


When to fly in the US

In America, you can fly all year round, it all depends only on what you intend to see. For example, the cities are good and in winter and in summer, but for visiting national parks, the optimal time is considered month from May to September, when the most warm and dry. The exception is perhaps the valley of death, the visit to which in the winter will be the opposite more comfortable.

Statistics in Prices for flights, Search in articles, links to which are given above, is described in detail, when and how you can buy tickets most beneficial.

Visa question

To visit the United States for tourist purposes it is necessary to obtain a visa. It is necessary to take care of this question in advance, because sometimes the process is delayed. To obtain a cherished sticker to a passport, you will need to fill out documents, pay for the collection, sign up for an interview, pass it and wait for the results – It takes time at least about two weeks, and even a month (depending on the quantity of those who want to pass the interview). About all the details, nuances and our experience independently getting an American visa here.

Traveling insurance for a trip to the USA

For the design of the US visa, the purchase of the traveler’s insurance policy is not required, that is, the acquisition of insurance remains at your discretion. However, it should be borne in mind that anything in the journey can happen, and medicine in America, as you know, is very expensive. Based on this, it would be more logical to prepare the policy of traveling abroad to avoid unforeseen expenses and problems.

Accommodation in the USA

When making an American visa, the housing is also not useful (this item is not among the required documents required). However, they can come in handy at the airport when flying / arrival (we asked with Andrews, where we are going to live in Moscow, and on arrival in New York, and the provided paper provided.

Usually the one who is preparing for the journey in advance and everything calculates, and housing is booking in advance. Regarding states the choice is just huge. View and compare all sorts of options, as well as book your favoris on the following search engines: Hotellook.RU or HotelsCombined.Com. In view of the fact that accommodation in America is worth a lot, many want to save. You can do this using the site airbnb site. On this service you will find rooms, apartments, houses (especially convenient if you are traveling with a company) from individuals. You can find unusual options: tent, trailer or, on the contrary, a whole villa. Prices may be much more profitable than on hotels. How does airbnb service work and what to do to get in Gift $ 20 On the first booking, read here.

Enjoy your travel travel, expensive readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

Bonuses for our readers!

* On the first booking with a total amount of more than $ 75
** Instructions for working with the service and our reviews read here

Flights to USA - when and much more profitable to fly

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