Flights to the UAE and my thoughts about travel

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Surprisingly the article is good. Most likely because it is the Arab Emirates – an alternative to the resorts of Egypt. Interested in the first paragraph. Although it would seem that there is an interesting? Well, airplanes, well, the same as the previous resort.

I, for example, before reading, anything, quickly enveloped the text with a look and if I see a lot of names, I immediately set up myself on boredom and cragomotin. Still, too many names, both companies and vehicles. Perhaps it’s just not interesting to me.

Well, if you remove these stupid soldiers, the publication perfectly reveals the specified direction.

The material is made easily and the meaningful load does not "give" to the brains, and this is all higher than those listed. I pleased the responsible attitude of the author (or authors, I do not know for sure). Excellent selected text with pictures that play not the last role.

The reader will immediately understand which company will contact him and how much money is to prepare, for such a long-awaited resort. I was pleased with the fact that I now know where to fly)))

The only thing that could be added is to service personnel in the aircraft and ways to leave the airport. Can I take your food? How does passport control? What can you entertain in the plane? What transport is the fastest, what is the cheapest. Just heard that the subway is in Dubai there, so I ask.

Probably the first thing that comes to mind during reading or after is interest about the further fate of relations between Russia and Arabs. We will show ourselves, as in Egypt or be more polite. We will look at us with a smile or angrily.

Will Muslims need to learn our. How many hotels will be designed specifically for us and how much will be burned, blown up, flooded. How will the order service be related, and what will be preventive measures. Will the UAE be able to replace Egypt and whether they will be a cult, and maybe an annual tradition.

Flights to the UAE and my thoughts about travel

After that, it comes to the thoughts about the conflict. In today’s difficult time. In the epoch of world turmoil. Not many can afford to go to the UAE. And for the most part it is because of fear for your life. The situation is not clear and not clear every day, someone somewhere negotiates or simply makes the type of work, and people suffer and die.

It is difficult to look at all this nonsense, but since it is – it means someone is profitable, and sorry. Now in Russia to be afraid of people with Arabic appearance, but what is there in Russia, all over the world, right as the plague go everywhere and scare all. Scary children in crowded places to let go, never a psychos. I want to stabilize the situation. Let the world and peace be, and not the predominance of one race you need another or the right to life only one religion. Let everyone believe in what the soul and no one imposes their views.

Hurt the Arabs hurt. What country will not come, so immediately your conditions are interpreted. But we have people a bed, I think we can protect ourselves. I wonderfully want to go to the sky with my family for the world’s largest plane. Go shopping like a little girl. Scatter everything you can buy in the UAE. Straight all-all-all, to the last chewing, to the last vase and, whatever they would be welcomed with words "Natasha", "Russia is good".

Finally get this week or two relax from snow and swim in salty water. But for this you need the appropriate budget. Hence the thoughts of the war, about the bad government, and about the non-dreams. Eh, to have a reboot. Put one’s actions. Return the dollar for the previous course.

As already said the article is good. Already so many thoughts flew. Nice that I do not forget to think. Even sometimes it is necessary, except for watching TV and felting on the sofa. I know that some people first read comments, namely the last paragraph, where the opinion is. So that I want to say my dear. More such ones on the Internet, without nonsense, fictions and excessive expectations. What is the name, such and article. Makes think about many things, something to rethink something, something to open, somehow change, perhaps someone to change and simply carries a cognitive character.

And yet, I do not carry nonsense, I do not drink, just read an interesting job. Do not believe? And you yourself do.

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