Flights to Thailand will be more

Russia and Thailand agreed to increase the number of regular flights connecting Moscow and Bangkok. Moreover, the volume of regular transport will grow almost twice. First of all, our airlines benefit from such an agreement. Now they will be able to make from all our cities not 42, and 70 flights in Bangkok per week. Old quota was completely exhausted for a long time and did not meet the needs of the tourist market. On the season on the route Moscow Bangkok flights to buy not just.

our air carriers hope that after the new agreement they will be able not only to increase the number of flights, but also to open new routes. Thai airlines also received the right to make 70 flights to Moscow for the week. True, only Thai Airways flying to the our capital, making a week from three to six flights, depending on the season. The agreement applies not only to flights to the capital, but also on other routes. In particular, 28 flights are provided for Phuket, 7 – to Krabi, and the number of flights to Utapao is not limited. Thailand airlines can take up to 28 flights to St. Petersburg, 7 – Novosibirsk and unlimited quantity – Vladivostok.

Flights to Thailand will be more

The concluded agreement will come into force after the parties are exchanged by diplomatic notes. It is expected that new flights may appear in the winter season. The our side offered to relieve all restrictions on regular flights between countries, but the Thai authorities decided to temporarily postpone this issue until the next round of negotiations.

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