Flights to different countries

Now in the age of the Internet, the air tickets are better to order via the Internet, the great many companies in this business segment will provide you with their services and you will have a very large selection of different options, you can always choose the flight a little longer, but also cheaper than two times. News taken from http: // www.Fly.KIEV.UA /.

Luggage weight, which you can take with you is 20 kilograms, this is for economy class, if you fly a business class, in such cases your luggage weight can be up to 60 kilograms. The so-called manual sting, which takes into a salon can be 5 kilograms, maybe there may be exceptions, for example, passengers with young children, such as a stroller, which one so much weighs.

Be sure to take with you and never give your tour purchases, passports, various other documents and valuable things into baggage. Gold, if it is on you, you can also not contribute to the declaration. It is better to come to the airport in advance, 2 hours before departure and start registration at once, as soon as it starts, to not run to land with suitcases and a child.

I never flew to rest with the amount more than $ 2000 and therefore did not declare currency. But the truth was one case in Denmark, at Copenhagen Airport, when I flew after 3 months of work and a decent amount of the euro. Brought into a separate room and asked to provide a document on the export, which I naturally did not have, I had to contact the employer by phone, which explained that the money honestly earned.

Flights to different countries

I mean, when you fly from any country, you need to know the rules for the export of material values ​​and works of art and if you need to declare them when flying. Also do not take with you to the plane lighters, matches, aerosols, all sorts of perfume, cologne, water in plastic bottles, it is better to hide everything into luggage so that there are no problems.

Long flights, especially for 12-14 hours it is difficult to transfer, it’s impossible to sleep all the time, watch TV, get to know any pleasant stranger and time will fly not noticeable, especially if you fly a tour group in one hotel.

I hope that a couple of useful tips in this article you will find for yourself, pleasant air travel!

Flights to different countries

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