Flights on balloons in Cappadocia

"On the Baalshomm Vaaazdushnoo Shaaree, MaaandarinaaAvaugga Color We are breaking to it in this …" Yes! Probably, the Christmas tree was also in Cappadocia, and was impressed so impressed.

Therefore, the question: why flights in a balloon are so popular in this Turkish region? Isn’t it equal to where to fly?

It turns out that there is a difference. We have already discussed with you that dawns in different parts of the planet differ, and in Cappadocia this time of day in its own way especially. So especially what kind of new day birth, I want to watch from the height.

But for a start a little theory. Cappadocia has unique geological features. The formation of the relief was influenced by such devastating natural elements as volcanoes and erosion. That is, first the surface was covered with lavami, and then water and ice shaped the landscape.

As a result, which only does not open the view of the tourist from height: Gorge, fortress cities, carved in stone, flowering gardens, optical effects during fog and luxurious dawns.

And when you boot into the basket, you will understand another reason why flights are in Cappadocia so loved by travelers. This is an incredible skill of pilots.

Flights on balloons in Cappadocia

Airborne Control – Real Ass. They know how to direct the device so that baskets almost touch sharp peaks, but at the same time, the bottom does not threaten. And when the basket goes down in the gorge, you can stretch your hand and triggered to the rocks.

Sometimes it’s scary: it seems that it is now stuck, now we will face another basket, now we will not fly to the other side, but it is only the tickness of the nerves, in fact, if one landing place costs about 150 euros, then the safety can not threaten.

And how completion of the trip, the basket is managed to plant strictly on the truck trailer, which expects below. Here is such a jewelry accuracy. Then everyone is poured by champagne and give certificates in memory of this adventure.

Flights on balloons in Cappadocia

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