Flights on a helicopter over Rio

In this text, I will tell you how to fly cheaper, how can it be done. And I will share your impressions and photos.

Running forward to say that it costs it relatively inexpensively – about 200 bucks. It is best to buy a tour directly without intermediaries. Check Prices and All Interest Information on this site.

Here is an incomplete list of helicopter programs, we have chosen for 275 reals (160 dollars). For this money, we promised to show the beaches of Ipanoma, Copacabana, a sugar head and deal over the statue of Christ.

The company has three platforms:

    Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon – Tel: (21) 2259-6995, on the shore of the lagoon near the Roller Park opposite the gas station. We traveled just here because it’s a hub. Read stories how people came to other sites, and they had a day off. We drove to the lagoon from the apartments on a taxi (15-20 reals from the Copocabana), you could walk within 40 minutes.

We were together, and at least 3 passengers needed. You can, of course, fly and alone, but you have to pay for 4 passengers. We did not want to overpay, so I waited 1-2 passengers. These passengers were, but they ran somewhere. Usually happens that you have to wait an hour. One party flew in front of us, after – we.

The most important thing is to take a comfortable place. I tried to take a seat at the pilot, then in front of me it turned out not only the window on the left, but also a large windshield in front 🙂

Take off over lagoon

Forward to ocean

First fly on Ipanoma

Here we just liked to swim most

Flights on a helicopter over Rio

After this cliff begins Copacabana

I did not want the statue to delay the clouds

In fact, I was very confused very, the whole flight lasts 10-11 minutes, around such beauty, and you and you do not know what to do. Whether to admire, or watch the viewfinder and take pictures. And on the knees there are two more lens and you try to change the wigs on the television to latter the roof of the Faverl with the hills, there is a wild noise, the helicopter shakes a little, hands do not obey, but you still look around. I spit on this business and photo what is 🙂

We made a circle around Christ

. and flew towards the lagoon

The city of his hillyness reminded a little seoul, the South Korean capital would be another ocean and the same sun. Would be Asian Rio 🙂

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