Flights Low-Cost – Minuses. And maybe pluses?

My name is Alexander, I am the editor-in-chief of the site JJ-Tours.Ru. This is the first article on our website, where I will speak myself personally. In this article, I will express my opinion about the low-cost airlines. In our edition there is no single position on this issue, so I write an article on the first person’s website.

Low-Cost – good or bad?

I personally am a big fan of low-cost flights. And not only because of the price. Many conditions and rules that install Low Cost Airlines are a huge advantage for me. Although most people consider them a minus.

I’ll tell you in detail.

The first is limited to the size of hand baggage

Each low-cost airline has its own rules for the allowed hand-made. The victory has a bag with dimensions of no more than 36x30x27 centimeters, weight does not matter. Flydubai has hand-made weighing no more than 7 kilograms, no more than 55x38x20 centimeters.

PEGASUS AIRLINES is not more than 8 kilograms, but now it is temporarily to take it into luggage, and you can only take a small bag or briefcase with you. On the onur air is similar, the limit of 8 kilograms and dimensions of no more than 25x45x56 centimeters.

Most passengers see only minus in these restrictions. But they have a big plus, especially if you clearly know these rules and know how to observe them.

By the way, I even have a special bag of permitted dimensions for one of the above airlines. The bag is comfortable in the bag for a week, personal items and cameras, which I need on business trips. Even a large tripod in the folded state fits.

What Plus! You come to your place in the cabin. You open the luggage shelf, and … Fabulous! It always has a place for your bag or backpack.

But when the airline does not control the size of the hand-made bag, it is a trouble. I remember the last flight from Bulgaria to S7, I flew with my wife and two children. Almost all passengers – our tourist pension or pre-age tourists. Each has carried in hand clashes 3-4 bags. Why? That they are carrying from Bulgaria? That there is such what we don’t have?

I myself out of souvenirs are only a couple of packs of Lukuma. More than anything interesting in this country did not find. Apparently in our citizens the Soviet idea "abroad is better". Although in reality in 99% of cases the goods are the same everywhere. The era of globalization has come.

We entered the salon and found that the shelf over our armchairs (we held all 3 chairs) is busy with someone’s things. Disgusting. Naturally, I immediately demanded to remove things, the owner was found quickly and removed. I feel easily in such situations, since I am two meters in tall, one hundred kilograms weighing, and I don’t have a voice worse than that of the American sergeant. But agree, the situation is not pleasant.

Second – fast landing and fast landing

Since each passenger has one bag, the landing on the plane passes very quickly. Everyone put his bag on the luggage shelf and sat on his place. Disembarking also goes fast. Everyone took his bag and output.

There are no passengers in Low-Cost, which with a bunch of bags stand in the passage and for a long time they break their bags on luggage compartments. And they cannot wait until other passengers pass. You need to delay everyone – show your significance.

The third – in the flight do not feed

And that is great! I can’t stand these stupid trolleys, with which the flight attendants walk a whole hour on the salon. Because of them it is often impossible to go to the toilet. For me personally, this is not a problem, but children often tolerate for a long time cannot. As soon as the trolley passed, you can get into the toilet, that’s just always.

Low-Cost is quite another matter. No one with the carts on the cabin goes. Nobody will wake up to "lie" cheap soluble Nescafe. Go to the toilet when you want, there are no queues. the beauty.

If you want to eat in flight, then Vnukovo has Burger King in the departure zone. Or you can take food with you from home. So far, no low-cost forbade it.

Fourth – baggage unload fast

Luggage must be paid separately. And therefore luggage in an airplane minimum. I myself, usually "there" to fly at all without baggage, "back" with one bag of paid baggage, as you need to fold gifts from different countries somewhere. For the last time from Istanbul, I am a veins almost a complete list of our article "What to bring from Turkey". Just a little in one place 10 kilograms fit me.

Luggage minimum, and unload it quickly. Again I remember the last flight from Istanbul, it was in February 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic. I just entered the hall of arrival, as I immediately saw my bag on the conveyor.

Flights Low-Cost - Minuses. And maybe pluses

As a result, after 20 minutes after the landing stood at the bus stop near Vnukovo airport, waited 611st or 911.

Fifth – price!

Just give a few numbers. I flew to Istanbul on Low-Cost for 8,500 rubles. And this is including 1000 rubles extra fee per bag of baggage on the way back. Aeroflot ticket for the same dates cost 14,500, Turkish Airlines – 16500.

Naturally, I now cite "docking" prices. But I think that after the end of this pandemic, prices will be about the same.

Or take the flight Moscow-Dubai, fly two adults, two children. On Low-Cost Tickets cost me 42,000 rubles. This price includes: selection of places in the cabin and two large suitcase (up to 20 kilograms) baggage. Tickets for Aeroflot – from 54,000 rubles, on Emirates – from 64,000 rubles.

I want to show the simple fact. For example, you buy tickets for low-cost and turn to the luggage, the choice of places, SMS-informing, insurance. Even in this case a "full set" tickets will cost less.


I showed my view on low-cost. I did not pursue the goal of all transplanted at low-cost. I want readers to look at it through my eyes, made some conclusions, thinking, look at the situation impartial look.

I hope that I was able to. In the meantime, read our interesting articles about tourism and leisure (List of articles below) And leave your comments.

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+1 to the opinion of the author

often fly (flew to kovidah, at least) loukost – darling Air Eyzhey of Southeast Asia, mainly. Perfectly! If you need luggage, lunch, etc.NS. – every whim for your money. Only that there is no business class. Otherwise, the solid pros, if you fly light. So I join the author.

Flights Low-Cost - Minuses. And maybe pluses

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