Flight by old passport, and departure &# 8211; According to New

What to do if you bought a ticket by the old passport, and the flight will be in a new way? I think that many have come across such a situation and today we will try to place all the points above I.

To begin with, we repeat the general requirements for documents when booking air tickets:

  • If the flight is supposed to be in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, you can buy a ticket on an internal or passport, as well as by a birth certificate (for children under 14), these documents are present at registration.
  • If the flight is assumed abroad, you buy a ticket for a passport.

Now consider special cases&# 8230;

You buy a ticket in advance and the validity of your current passport is the expires

Answer: Book a ticket to the old passport. The main thing, note that the writing of the name and the surname was the same both in the old passport and in the new.

Flight to the old passport, and departure; According to New

When booking air tickets, the passport number is usually not required. If the carrier requires this data, then enter the number of the old passport, and upon receipt of the new, you can contact the airline or agent where you bought a ticket, and they will make a remark with new data.

If in a new passport, writing your name and / or last name does not coincide with the ticket, we recommend contacting these questions in the airline directly. Many carriers are allowed to do up to 3 errors in the name and surname of the passenger (which do not affect pronunciation, such as Alexey instead of Aleksey or Sergey instead of Sergei), but I repeat that many, but not all . There are airlines that require full match of the name and surname and allow data change only for an additional fee. In any case, we recommend that you take two passports with you for registration, old and new or asking to write a name in a new passport to the old.

You buy tickets abroad when your passport is not ready yet

Answer: As we have already written above, the main thing that the name and surname coincide. The passport number of the airline is usually not important. But when receiving a passport, it will not be superfluous to make a remark in reservation.

If you do not know how your surname will be written as Latin letters, then look at the rules of transliteration according to the order of the FMS of Russia of February 3, 2010. N 26.

After purchasing a ticket, the girl married and changed the surname

Answer: With this question, you must contact the airline. Some carriers (again some, but not all) allow the purchase of a ticket for a passport with old surname, and departure to a new way. In such cases, it is necessary to take a marriage certificate, a new passport and a passport for which a ticket or an internal passport was issued with a marker about a previously issued passport.

If the flight is carried out due to the border, these documents must be translated into English and notarized.

Flight to the old passport, and departure; According to New

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