Flight to the homeland of the Terminator

"In the hotel are accepted by raised dogs", – Written in the rules of hotel-spa Rogner Bad-blumau. This is in Styria, Austria, – a blessed place, where even horses receive a pension (brought up, of course). And people, including tourists, can count on human attitude and healthy natural joys.National Color of Styria – Green. Soothes not worse than marine blue and not bored. And there is a sea here too, it’s just hidden deep under the ground, from where they beat healing thermal sources. But most of all he treats the Shan Life itself – some very natural. Healthy helps from stress.

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Capital of Styria Graz – Beautiful Silent Town. It is the second largest in the whole of Austria, but to Vienna here further than to Hungary and Slovenia, – two hours by car, and about the Stiff deputies in the metropolitan parliament they speak "Voice because of the mountains". Graz is a long story, but it is somehow very homely. Here on the mountain the ancient fortress of Schlossberg, which opens the best city view. From the very 1712, the local time has come true. True, the hour arrow is long, and the minute – short. They "Convert", In order to at the market square, all merchants can consider the hour of closing the bazaar. And in general the minutes in the Styria do not matter much. As in any respectful fortress, there was a prison in Schlossberg, in our days she was converted to a concert hall with a rain closing on rain. However, if unplanned rain is poured, then the intended concert can be transferred, as happened last year with laser music show graz2000.COM: the weather was bad, and the holiday was postponed by the next day. And why, in fact, not – in the small town questions are solved simply. Here is the mayor’s office: in the yard in the summer, opera films are shown for free. The screen merges with local scenery: even the pipes of the drainage here are two centuries, and nothing, keep. Here is a chic arsenal – the world’s largest collection of weapons. Before him, a rosy firefighter in a brilliant helmet stops all passing – with a request to help who can: collect donations for the needs of the state here is not considered to be acknowledged. There is a luxurious palace. By the way, they say one of the Habsburgs married a local postal. In two steps, a house where the famous Mathematics Kepler lived with his young wife. Poor fellow she was crazy then, but then they were young and happy. Now there is a zucchini "At Kepler". The old man, carefully listens to the foreign speech of our guide, waiting for the pause, asks: "Poles, Cheri?" – "No, ours". "Even better – he begins to wave oneself. – Come to me in a cafe, I treat all the wine". We refuse, promising returning later, and soon I regret: the entire old city center can be bypassed in a couple of hours, but it is very easy to get lost in the plexus of narrow streets, completely filled cafes. It is believed that the center of the Graz from the best of the preservation of architecture. On this occasion, the city in 2003 was appointed by one of the cultural capitals of Europe. To what the residents of the Graz and are preparing with all their might – plan conferences, concerts and all sorts of festivals. By the way, not only gothic fortresses, renaissance temples, baroque palaces and other beautiful antiquities, but quite panel houses of new time remain here. It is in Graz one skysbreak, ridiculous and spraying charming tiled panorama. Radicals offered to demolish it, but historians and townspeople came: every era is worthy of his monument, so he remained in his place. There are in Styria and a modern National Hero on Holy Rights – Arnold Schwarzenegger. The house in which he was born, worshiped where the holy of the Keplet or Royal Palace. Each in Graz will tell, as Arni came to visit the parents, everywhere she went without guard and willingly distributed autographs. Little Schwarzenegger every day came on a bike to workout in Graz, and this means of movement today here is very popular, although not thanks to Hollywood. Many get to the city by car, bringing a bicycle on the trunk, parked and then twist the pedals in a hill and from the mountain, despite the civil suit and tie. However, I would say that the most suitable and widespread costume in Styria National. It is worn to office, restaurant, cafe, casino and generally. Suede pants with vests and jackets in men, wool or linen dresses with wide skirts and narrow lifts – in women. This is not a trick to attract tourists – the clothes are really practical, natural, warm and, I will tell you a secret, very decorated with a figure. True, it is expensive, but such a dress or, say, a jacket will not be demolished. And from fashion they will not come out.

Pumpkin, which turns into a carriage

Tiny Schinsky settlements are no less charming and very direct. Once in them, you begin to understand how aristocratic and brilliant in fact Graz. In a small town, the scale of life is different. For example, an important event – the opening of the Congress from the Autobahn. To mark it, everyone who wants the townspeople of the tiny Unterpremsteten on my eyes together marched into the nearest zucchini. At the head of the procession, the brace orchestra with a burgomist was ahead, waving an umbrella like a tambourmagezhor. Nearby, the Garden-Park Exhibition occurred – the event is not just a local, but all-grade, all-grade and even European meaning. At least leading floral critics on its opening came, and the reviews were good. Not so many thousands of multi-colored tulips, freesia and hyacinths planted in an ornamental geometric order (fading, they waited for replacement for summer flowers), not alpine slides (nothing to do with trendy), and not even a garden of pheasants (fairly indinced by kids ), and smooth beds of vegetables, decorated with fruits all in the same folk dress. Contemporary art was also presented: installation of trees in ballet packs, a wooden Saraike, where he was asked to listen to the music of the wind, singing benches. In the course of the case, the action was carried out "Perepay your hands busheques nettle". There were wishes. The farther from the graz, the less often stones of history. More often just villages and trees. More than half of the territory of Styria still forest. Just forest – with christmas trees and pines, moss and mushrooms. Even the museum is here in the forest, by as much as 50 hectares. Flywing – something like our museum of wooden architecture or peasant life: From all over Austria, ancient, vintage and just old peasant houses, forge and mills are brought. And all this functions: the millstones are spinning, the bellows breathe. The surrounding residents in the order of chef help are completely free of charge here on the weekend, demonstrating vintage crafts: who publicly hinds who carries out of wood. The rest simply support in order of flower beds: the Styrene peasants always decorated with windows with floral boxes, even if the windows in the house were completely small – real estate tax once took exactly their number. And this is not only ancient, but also a recent past. Some at home before they were bought and brought to the museum, continued to serve normal housing. In Styria, the peasants are real, and not the sucker, and their work with antiquity has changed little. He is still heavy and deprived of vacations, and somewhere even remained rural schools, where the fourth-class children of different ages learn together – too few of them in the village. Most farmers are occupied on vineyards and pumpkin fields. Styria – the first and, it seems, the only place in the world, where invented the pumpkin oil from seeds – a dark, similar color to oil, with rich, indescribable words in spirit and taste. It is especially well to sort out the salad of black beans, you can smear on the local black bread (with pumpkin seeds) and even seasoning fat, which here is very respect. On the liter of oil goes thirty gold pumpkins. The remaining cakes are used: make marzipans, biscuits (you will never think that from pumpkin), fry with the scrambled eggs and even recycle on cosmetics. Pumpkin cream, they say, is very promoted to the smooth tan. On any pumpkin farm where excursions drive, they will tell about it, production will show and everyone will taste. And we even allowed to ride on small tractors, which the peasants were collected throughout the district. The column has created a traffic jam on a narrow local highway: no one dawned on overtaking, buses and passenger cars flew in the tail, but the drivers did not grow up, but even rejoiced at all. Selyan Mahali after hand, and on one farm brought down like bread-salt, home Schnaps. We went to the nearest tires, where they usually look after the work day, everything – from the peasant to burgomaster. The situation of such a shine could remind the native fenats: a cold snack and hot spores about politics ending with the brother. Drink mainly local wines from grape grapes Schilcher. Very dry and some bold playful. True, the wine is diluted with water, so that the songs at the table sound slightly (but they sound!). And here they grow famous horses of lipic rock, dancing wals in the imperial residence in Vienna. They are born with absolutely black, and after a few years they are completely gray – here it is, the price of good upbringing. Here, home, they sometimes come on vacation. Horses are equivalent to the civil servants and at the end of the artistic career receive complete state-owned contentment, returning at the same stall of the native farm, where they were born. Walk through pastures, tightening herbs, inhale nervous nostrils pure alpine air. And danted by habit, hearing from afar familiar melody.

Rescue on waters

In the south-east of Styria, there is an area where the names of the towns begin with words "Bad", And this place is just for those who do not just want to admire the beauty of nature, but also to fully experience its therapeutic effect. Here, under idyllic field green hills boil passions – hot springs saturated with healthy substances. In wellness centers, help those who have problems with stomach, leather, bronchi, joints and, of course, with nerves. Thedest Dore Straight Road in Spa Rogner Bad-Blumau. In Bad Blumau in the 70s, gas was looking for. Found water – from one well, the thermal sources of 100-degree temperatures were shot, for the first time in the millennium escaped to the will. That from all this weight of water to do, I came up with a hotel magnate Robert Rogner. He called the famous Austrian architect Friedensraich Hundertwasser – who, as not to a person, whose name contains two keywords – "hundred" and "water", It was suggest to do the arrangement of the thermal resort. It turned out the largest inhabited work of art in the world. Most of the hotel complex is similar to Children’s drawing: a single straight line, the same building, even the window, as it should be in nature with its endless diversity. All spa farming is so merged with the surrounding hilly landscape that they do not notice at all how you get out of the ground. On the roof of the green grass. When you inside, trees grow above you – there is something mystical. Paul in buildings, repeating the natural unevenness of the soil, slightly clogged under the legs – massage effect, by the way. For long corridors, citizens in white terry coats are massive for all day. From the simulators to the pool with thermal water, from there – to the sauna and jacuzzi, then to the Thai massage, after anti-cellulite wraps of herbal seagull and further on some musical therapy or even better – reincarnation. But even without this pretty exotic procedure, something is happening not only with the body (dozens of doctors, masseuses and cosmetologists take care of dozens, using all the well-known Western and Eastern methods of recovery), but also with the soul. She scans somehow. When you relaxed with a long thorough massage, are deceived by black clay or fragrant white mass of grape cake, and then, pesting, leave on the water bed to singing birds or the sound of the wave, only a piece of sky and a green branch are visible into the window. About them and think – nature enters each cell of your skin. Then in a half-hour lazily, give the nurse to Understand the body with cream from buffalo milk and fall into the chaise lounge, next to which a glass of cold white wine. Here, in essence, and everything you need for happiness: Sun, Water, Air, Forest, Mountains, Food, Wine, Friendly People. Week-another in such a setting, and from the mirror there is another face. Is it really you – a third millennium man?

Useful information

Flight to the homeland of the Terminator

When to go. When it pleases: in winter swimming in thermal sources is perfectly combined with skis, spring and summer – with golf, rafting, cycling and excursions to farms and castles. And museums and restaurants (dinner from $ 15) are good at any time of the year.

How to get there. From Vienna in Graz can be reached by plane (half an hour), cars (about two hours), train (two and a half hours). About one and a half hours per car takes a trip to Bad Blue, near the railway branch.

Where to stay. In Graz, many good hotels are from cheap youth hostels to five star hotels, like Grand Hotel Wiesler, a room in which costs $ 90. In five wellness centers in the south-east of Styria, life is arranged in approximately the same: spa hotel guests enjoy a swimming pool, gym, sauna and jacuzzi, receive a discount on a visit to the golf club and other surrounding sports institutions. In Rogner Bad-Blumau, the standard number one costs $ 80-100 per day depending on the season. There are special stays for several days, including several cosmetic or wellness procedures. You can stay nearby, in another hotel, and attend the pool and fitness center for a fee (from $ 10 in three hours). Prices for cosmetic procedures range from $ 38 (entering deep cleaning of the face, peeling, mask, face massage and aromatic wrapping of the feet) to $ 100. You can order sessions of minijylifting, lymphatic drainage, anti-stress therapy for skin, a variety of masks, including a package ($ 50-300). Spa is offered more than 20 types of massages – from water ($ 17) or classic for back, loins and t. D. ($ 25) to the most exotic, kind of Thai ($ 118) or synchronous, which is carried out two masseuse ($ 154). Prices for therapeutic baths and wrappings range from $ 17-30. Inspection of a doctor ($ 20), full diagnosis, treatment plan and diet ($ 120), musical therapy ($ 100).

Excursions. Every day, from Graz, you can go on a day trip to Stubing, in the Stiff castles and fortresses, to a horse farm in Pieber, where the horses of the Lipician breed, on the winery of Southern Styria. Adult ticket worth $ 19, children – $ 7. You can rent a bike (at the hotel – about $ 9 per day) or car ($ 45-50 per day) and drive around the neighborhood on your two or four wheels.

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