Flight tickets. Cheap. Lifehaki from Himushina

Flights is one of the main expenses of the independent travel. After meeting with the participants of the club "My Planet", which took place on March 13, I realized that the search for inexpensive flights interests many. Today I decided to pay special attention to this issue.


All airlines in the world can be divided into two groups: ordinary and budget (so-called Looc Sostle, from English Low Cost – "Low Cost"). We will return to the usual a little later, and now let’s stop in more detail on the speaker.

What is the difference between the Looker from the ordinary airline? The most important thing is, of course, airfare prices. They are significantly lower than the prices of ordinary airlines. Miracles, understandable, does not happen – this is achieved near compromises. As a rule, Loker sells its tickets only in electronic form and only directly, through its website on the Internet to reduce the costs of offices. Tickets return are not subject to. Exchange is possible, but is unprofitable and produced with a solid surcharge, often equal, and often exceeding the cost of the initially acquired ticket. Loocosostrov no longer has a free baggage. If you do not have it – fine, you are flying almost a task! If you have it, then the bag is often taxed in the luggage costs almost as much as the ticket itself, while paying luggage on the airline’s website in advance is much cheaper than at the airport. You can take for free one place of hand clashes. Weight varies depending on the airline, usually 7-10 kg. In addition, there is a strict restriction on the size of the bag. On registration, as a rule, a metal frame is installed on the specified dimensions. If the bag you take on board is not placed in this frame, then you will have to hand over to a paid luggage. Loocosostans also charge an additional charge for payments on the site, for drinks and food on board and, in general, almost for everything except the ticket itself. But you can fly away, say, from Budapest to Venice for € 15. And that’s it!

There are still no real loucks in Russia. Only one Western Looker – British Easy Jet was able to break into our market – the British Easy Jet, on the flights of which you can fly from Domodedovo to London or Manchester for the price of € 21. From there, Easy Jet flies throughout Europe, as well as in North Africa for almost a penny. For the sake of fairness, I must say that there are other foreign airlines flying to Russia and call themselves by louctories, but their prices in the our market are no lower than the prices of ordinary airlines. The list of all the loupes of the world by country can be found here.

Another use of Lookers (and this option for Russia is the most relevant) – this Combining them with conventional airlines. For example, you found an inexpensive ticket to Transaero’s ordinary airline in Bangkok Round. But nothing prevents you to combine a trip to Thailand with a trip to other countries of Southeast Asia. From Bangkok, you can safely fly to the Asian Looker Air Asia to the capital of neighboring Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, and from there the same airline is ready to carry you on the cheap all over the region (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, Singapore, Philippines, and T. D.).

Booking cheap tickets for Looc Sourkers – not such a simple task. The usual tariffs on their sites are not so cheap, but the closer to the date of departure, the more expensive. However, Loupes are almost constantly declared all sorts of sales, so the best prices should be caught on them. As a rule, the most minimal tariffs are on seasonal sales, which start from half a year before the departure date you are supposed. In order not to skip the sale, the most faithful option is to register on the airline website and get an email. And last: so that you accidentally covered the wave of spam – make yourself a separate email address for this kind of correspondence.

Regular airlines

To buy the most inexpensive flights for flights of ordinary airlines, to beginnings, as in the case of the lousetters, subscribe to the email distribution to be aware of all sales. In any case, I recommend using a two-step search system that I myself have been noticed for no first year.

1. First we find the ticket you need on the site of the aggregator.

2. And then buy it directly on the airline’s website.

The aggregator is a company that collects information from various airlines on your request and issues a general list of possible flight options for the direction you specified and the date. There are many aggregators. Without going into technical aspects and differences, just share personal experience. I usually use two sites.

There is no our-speaking interface on this website, and it is impossible to purchase a ticket on it, but it differs favorably from almost all other sites in that it issues the same information that hundreds of airlines use tickets. This site has been developed more for agencies than for individuals, each can take advantage of it. Thanks to it, you get access to all options for all air tickets from all over the world (except for Lookers). Without intermediaries! It sounds tempting?

This website is Russified that, of course, much more convenient. Kayak looks like sites of other aggregators, which are now quite a lot. However, based on my personal experience, Kayak in most cases finds more acceptable options. The search system is not much different from Matrix. An important difference is that at the end, when you receive a list of possible options, you can immediately go to the purchase process. And here Kayak is unique in that it offers a choice: you can buy a ticket, paying for its credit card or debit card directly on the site of Kayak himself, or on the airline offering this ticket, or on several sites of various airarsass.

That’s what I would like to sharpen your attention! Very often, a person in pursuit of small savings chooses a purchase on the Aviakass website either on the site of the aggregator itself. I, if the difference in the cost of the ticket is insignificant, I strongly recommend purchasing it to the airline’s website, which carries out transportation. Because if you suddenly have to change something later, take a ticket or receive any flight information, it will be much easier to do directly from the carrier. Reach the Internet aircraft, on their own experience, is not so simple, and sometimes it is simply impossible.

I would like to note that, seriously setting the goal to buy the most inexpensive air ticket, except for the two above-mentioned aggregators, it is better to check prices and others – and maybe you will find an even more favorable option.

Flight tickets. Cheap. Lifehaki from Himushina

Ticket "Around the World"

As you probably know, all major airlines of the world have merged into three alliances: Sky Team (where our Aeroflot is included), One World (where our S7 is included) and Star Alliance (where our airlines are not included). Membership in the Alliance gives airlines certain privileges. And what does it give us passengers? At least the opportunity to buy inexpensive tickets "Around the World"! Each of the alliances is beneficial when the passenger uses airlines included in it. If a person at the same time books a few flights at once, he, it is clear, is not a pity to provide a discount. And airlines entering the alliance and based on different continents, you want you to use their services. So the alliances were born the idea to offer people a ticket "Around the World". It operates on the following principle: You book on the same flight directly in the world at once, but so that the circle is closed there, where did you fly from. These are usually the flights in one direction of the globe: either east or west. The cost will be cheaper if it is large international airports.

For example, I just tried to book a ticket for a Sky Team ticket on the route Alliance Moscow – Beijing – Tokyo – New York – Paris – Nairobi – Moscow.

I was happy to know that this ticket would have cost me today at € 2507, including all fees. Options for sea routes, you just need to follow some rules that are painted in detail on the site. For example, purchasing this ticket, I would have to meet and go back to Moscow for six months, but sometimes they offer and annual tickets. And no one forbids spreading dates between flights at a convenient time for you. For example, you can stay in Paris for three months and during this time you have time to go around the whole of Europe before flying further in Kenya. This can be done in Asia, stopping in Beijing, or in Africa. As you can see, acquiring a similar ticket, you can go around the whole world.

And now the main thing. Here you can plan your route around the world. Absolutely independently: Alliance Sky Team, ONE WORLD Alliance, Star Alliance Alliance.

Tourist charters

Sometimes tickets for a charter, even if they are not sold separately, and go only in a set with Turputovka, may be cheaper than regular flight tickets. For example, one good friend recently told an interesting story. Everything decided spontaneously, and the girl suddenly decided to go to India. In addition, she did not know how much the country would travel, and wanted to just buy a ticket to one end. Prices for tickets before the departure were quite high, about 17,000 rubles. And the ticket one end cost almost as much as the ticket there is back. At first she was upset, but then the idea of ​​finding out from Moscow agencies, whether there are no burning tour of these dates. What was her surprise when one tour company offered a tour for a week with a hotel in Goa for the price of only 7000 rubles. My friend took it, just to fly to India. So when searching for tickets is not worth discounting no possible options!

I hope that all this information will be useful to you when planning an independent travel. No doubt, many of you know and use our own Edu Technophobiai to purchase cheap tickets. I shared here my personal experience. Will be great if you share your! Consider, leave comments – Surely your experience will come in handy many readers.

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