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On the forums there are a lot of questions regarding the passage of inspection at the airport, when you fly to Israel A / K El Al. I want to tell my story in the passage of inspection at the airport.

Perhaps a little alleviate the life of tourists who are about to fly to Israel or answer many questions. I apologize in advance if you get a very detailed story.

I flew out with a girlfriend in July 2013 from Pulkovo Airport. We flew Airlines El Al.

Last time we had Russia (but this is a completely different story :)). Flight Departed at 9:05, we arrived in 3 hours as it should be to have time to go through the "Individual Interview". Our mothers and my young man (it is very important for further narration, believe me :)). We forgred for a long time, hugged-kissing and realized that it was time ..

As soon as I and Anya (this is my girlfriend) approached the place where you are inspected, two employees of the Security Service (hereinafter satell) moved towards. One in his ear whispered to another: "Sisters?»We swing your head left and right to make it clear clear that there is no. To which he also replied in surprise: "Yes Laaado?". This question accompanied us all three weeks!! After us asked who wanted to go to talk to. A rather strange question, as I think J, I eventually went to the one who was very surprised that we were not relatives.

It all started with standard questions: who flies? Who are you to each other? How long have known? Who packed the suitcase? Have you been able to pass anything?

I’m going ahead I explain that we flew to the grandmother Ani in Givat Olga for a week, after which 3 nights we had to live in Netanya, 2 in Jerusalem, 2 on the dead sea and 4 nights in Eilat. I am also an employee of a travel agencies Classic Travel North-West, so we can say that we combined vacation with some working moments. I have only for Jerusalem and Dead Sea only. Negotiations still conducted with the rest of the hotels. I also provided a business card.

All this I passed a security officer, he was very surprised that I do not know where I would live in Eilat. Then proceed to show the voucher at least for those hotels that have already been confirmed. Honestly, I have a note on the phone there were just armor numbers. I showed them them. And then the question is: "And why 6 digits here, and here 5?"Eeee … I was also asked to show the work mail, suddenly someone sent something. But on my phone only a personal email box, looked and his.. True, there were letters from the Sportmaster and Bonvoye :))

I also asked me with him to call my mom and tell her anywhere. Asked why I am without a husband. And I am not married somehow.. :)) The young man works, could not fly … "Where it works? You know him for a long time? He did not pass anything? He is also with your mom now? How do I think your mother among the seekers?"I described everything, he took my passport and left. Also gone after him, after the man who interrogated my Anya.

Waited for 10 minutes, after they returned. Moved away, something apparently visible very secret reported ear and returned to us. Asked to show all the documents, a ticket, an old passport (it has a stamp on the visit to Israel 4 years ago). Suitcase did not open, only spent a special device on the handle and sides. Next, these "prints" were placed in special.Machine and let us go with the world. True, something else was stuck to the passport with their marks :))

I called after my mother and she told me that a very polite and nice man asked again all the information about me, is it true I have her daughter who paid my vacation, I study, if my young man stands next to her and everything in such Speached.

"Well, Anutka, since we are cute blonde fairies that are checked, imagine what they do with the rest! But fly in full confidence that everything will be calm on board throughout the flight! Went rather in Duti Fri, I want chocolate!"

So the beginning of our journey to the Holy Earth ..

About what hotels I lived, what people came across on the way, I saw and how my 23 days of unforgettable vacation were held at all, I will definitely tell you in the following reviews, but still come back to our way home.

Flight of the Israeli Airline El Al Lookup Tourists - Tel Aviv, Israel Blogs and Travel

I’ll start with the fact that in addition to the suitcase each, we brought with you hand-made bag, with candles, dates, nuts. I was very worried about the question, is it possible to carry with you cosmetics of the dead sea in hand putting, because we wanted to get a tax free. I did not even be lazy to go to the office of El Al in Eilat in TC Shal Plaza, but I did not give a clear answer. We decided to fold all the cosmetics in the suitcase and, if the head of the shift we will give OK (and we promised that he remembered us) at the airport itself, they simply put everything in manual.

I went to the airport, again several duty questions asked us a SB officer, went somewhere, came and eventually asked for inspected. Checked everything in hand baggage, the camera was also there, he carefully studied. Asked to get everything from pockets, shoes also showed.. Suitcase to open did not become that we were very surprised. The NIB, so called the employee of the SAT, kindly took a heavy bag with candles and asked us to get us to receive the landing coupon :). We got to the rack behind which a our woman was sitting on our question, what to do with cosmetics she answered – if the amount is small, then they often just return money, do not even show the goods. We had a small amount, about $ 40 and we decided to take a chance. Well there is no way. Ani had a coest of about 6 kg, but they said nothing needed to pay, we also warned us that the locks on the lightning suitcase could not be closed. And we did not intend to somehow J Niv spent us almost before the waiting room and we spread goodbye … But not for a long time. After some time, he returned and said that we have creams and honey in our suitcase (Eka News!:)). They cannot send them in general baggage, so it will fly everything in a separate box, which we have to get on arrival in Tel Aviv. After some time, he said that, after all, in St. Petersburg, we will get our honey and cream. I am either from the nerves, or I do not know from what eventually confused finally what to do with these creams!!

Fly to Tel Aviv approximately 50 minutes, the plane is beautiful. On board everyone treated with water and cookies :)) We flew to Tel Aviv, descending from the ladder of all passengers took the bus and leaked to Terminal 1 (for domestic flights). Almost at the entrance was the girl and shouted very loudly "Transit! Transit!»Those who fly further simply will not be able to get around it or not to notice. Everyone who flies further 10 times recalculated, planted on the same bus and were lucky in Terminal-3. There we passed passport control, which took a couple of minutes and got at once in Duti-Frey zone.

Taks Free we did not get. I did not quite understand when we missed the place where the stamps in the check. Plus we had nothing to show.. Not a single cream was in hand putting. They still asked to show them at least something!L well, no so no! :))

I did not leave the thought of doing with honey and creams.. But I’m not from a timid ten, went to find out. I found the office of El Al, explained to them, showed a card on this box, which in Eilat gave us the NIV and they assured me that we all get in St. Petersburg. So it turned out, I will say closing ahead 🙂 The plane was full of merry Israelis, who almost all flew to someone to the wedding and discussed it all the aircraft very noisy :)) We were tasty fed, I eaten a chicken with coust, saw wine Red dry and apple juice. The whole flight was drinking drinks, all very kind, benevolent. In St. Petersburg, we flew off late for 15 minutes. When the passport control of the baggage was already waiting for us. To our suitcases was tied a blue rag bag with the inscription Security .One honey crashed, the creams were lying on the ribbon in a separate sachet, a vino and ************** remained integer.

Well, that’s all, I thought … no matter how I missed the house, but on arrival in Pulkovo, I wanted insanely back.. Sun, sea, people always smiling.. If there is paradise on earth, then this is definitely Israel..

I do not understand the people who, after all these inspections, shout in the whole throat, that in Israel they are no longer foot! Or those who have never been there, but read "horror stories" … I will not condemn anyone, but it will not discuss anyone, but these are such trifles compared to those emotions that you get while in the temple of the Mernel of the Lord, the Wall is crying or swimming In the dead sea.

Flight of the Israeli Airline El Al Lookup Tourists - Tel Aviv, Israel Blogs and Travel

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