Flight Mexico-USA: Houston, we have a problem!

Flight from Mexico to the USA may not be as simple as it seems at first glance. And it’s not the complexity of the route, transfers or place at the toilet. The most interesting thing can wait at the crossing of the border, as happened to us. Let’s go about everything in order.

Initial data

We have purchased tickets from Mexico to the United States with a very tangled route of Already in two transplants, in Houston and Denver, and we flew from Mexican Merida to the American town Fresno. The first transplant is a little less than three hours, the second is longer, as a result, the day in the way.

Plan «Barbarossa» We had a simple: on the first transplant I quickly scatter passport control, we take the luggage, register it for the next flight and sit down to Denver. In Denver, all by the same plan, we calmly land, slowly dinner and chinno, impose, follow the flight to Fresno.

Alas, problems began to go much earlier than Hitler with his «Barbarossova», That is, in the first stage.

Start problems

Landed in Houston and went to passport control, a little experience. Of course, we had visa, before that, in the states of the states, we did not declare and were not announced in the international wanted, so we would seem to be unrest.

Here it is necessary to make a guarantee in history, so that the picture more clearly appeared before your, friends, eyes. We are quite a recidivist travelers and were the last time in the homeland, in Russia, in winter. We flew through New York (they stayed two weeks in it), after which they went to Mexico, acquaintance with Koi stretched for six months.

So, passport control.

Came to the officer (or who he was there), gave passports and, smiling, we expect questions. It began with standard: where we fly, how much is the goal. Well, here everything is simple and standard — Letim in Fresno, for one month, goal — tourism. In the process, the officer lears the passport, something looks at the computer, passing fingerprints. Yes, by the way, who is not aware — This is a mandatory procedure for arrival in the USA. Fortunately, this is done using an electronic scanner, not carcasses and paper.

Sheboldasika’s passport The officer looked around, took all her prints, moved to my. There were more specific questions here:

  • How much time spent in Mexico?
  • Half a year!
  • Worked there?
  • What did you travel!
  • So you work at all?
  • EEE. No.

The question followed the question that reminded the 90s in his native Kaluga and at the same time put in a dead end:

  • How much money is?

I always believed that this question was rather intimate, but with regard to the circumstances decided to tell, pre-clarify:

  • You ask about cash with you? Just a hundred dollars, I prefer to enjoy a bank card.

The worker stopped picking up the computer:

  • Expect now for you come.

Damn, who will come to wait? What’s wrong? — wound thoughts in the head. Let me remind you that the time allotted by us on a transplant was slowly decreased.

Five minutes after us, another officer came to us and looked into some room, a similar to a small audience, where several dozen chairs were placed in the center, and there were tables for them, followed by passport control workers. One third of the places was engaged in people who are confused by the surrounding space. All this in silence, violated only by negotiations and eats of officers who exchange some kind of papers. We were satisfied and said to wait until they call.

In the camork, what the actual hall

«Well, damn, sailed», — involuntarily thought to me. What is it still with what fig and why no one explains anything?

  • We have a plane in an hour and a half!
  • Sit, wait.

What time is there, wait. Of course, degrees of our excitement increased significantly. Large plate, located right in front of the officers, clearly reading: do not call, do not take pictures. Usually I ignore this, but here we are not at all on our territory, so I will not show the photos of that room.

Watching the surrounding, understood where we are. This room was a kind of suspicious personality, the purpose of which was questioned. Some of them were called somewhere, some of the documents were given and, judging by the happy persons, they missed the victorious democracy to the country.

Before the departure of the plane remained an hour.

Private conversations about the main

The next officer came out here (let’s call him for the entourage «Sir counterperse») and, with difficulty reading on a piece of paper «Andre Boriso», invited to go into the room, which turned out to be plentifully in narrow corridor behind our throne room.

And started — Where, where, and by whom you work, and what came to the States, and what did in Mexico. I’m told, and relatively honest, describing his world, love for tacos, and in particular for travel in general,. Inquisitive counterintelligence was no stranger to the love for knowledge about the peculiarities of our life, to our Sheboldasikom living conditions and even the place of residence of our parents. Fortunately, it did not come about politics.

Flight Mexico-US Houston, we have a problem!

In the end, it came down all over again to the same question, which oh how not like to hear in the 90s on the streets of Kaluga: «Oukey, and how much money you have finally dude?». Well, it’s just after «And you from what district?». Again, I did not understand, about what assets worth telling. It turned out, I need to count everything that has.

Figuring voiced amount and comparing it with my honest eyes, peace officer inquired, raising an eyebrow: «what to prove?». Well, until a familiar scenario. Crap. What I’m here right now I can prove?

  • You know that as well call my bank. Yeah, in two. — I imagine how they are now with Sberbank in English speaking will be.
  • And other options that do not have? Well, online banking, for example,? — officer, apparently too well aware that he was on the phone figure which will achieve.
  • Bingo! My laptop was left in the room, I’ll get all the show.
  • As if there is not a ride. Wrong with our computer.

Well, with your so with your. There is only a small problem — all passwords in the program, which is one fic on a laptop. CounterSpy has allowed him to go, at the same time invited to an assistant. One probably already tired of interrogating.

I had to lead Sheboldasika together with laptops, because the money we have in common and are scattered in different accounts, some of which belong to the historically Zhanka.

We went to the Internet bank, showed several accounts, then the officer said:

  • Oukey, you have proven that you have enough money. However, you do not have a return ticket and you should buy it right now, when I.
  • Excuse me, sir, what. We do not even know what country then fly. — I replied.
  • Dude, I now you can be deported to their homeland, already without a visa. Believe me, you will not like it. Will you buy a ticket to Russia or there are some problems?
  • What, let’s buy. — Quickly catching the balance of strength, I retired.

Gesture stopping me, he defiantly took the phone phone and called somewhere. Having described someone’s situation that, they say, there are ours, like with money, and that it is not clear with them, carefully listened to the answer.

  • You are lucky, my chef today is a good mood, so you don’t need to buy anything.
  • EEE.. How not to? And what should we do?
  • Wait.
  • What to wait?
  • Wait in the room, welcome to the United States of America. Next time arrive with the ticket.

Not immediately applied to us that we were slipped. With creak, but we were let. Finally, I decided to ask a natural question:

  • Sir, we have a plane in 25 minutes, which we obviously wait for us. Maybe.
  • Calmly we all solve.

As a result, we were given documents with standard stamps and sent further. We still had to pick up luggage in 20 minutes, register it for the next flight and somehow have time to board.

Of course, we did not have time. It was gathered to return to the already familiar officers and demand the fulfillment of their last promise to solve all the problems, but we were suggested that first it is worth turning to the rack of our airline. We flew, we must notice, United Airlines.

It was not necessary to return to the counterintelligence and his team did not have to have been transferred to the next flight without problems, so we had time to eat in the sandwich and realize that everything still goes according to plan, although with reservations.

For the next flight, we successfully sat down and proceeded to Denver.

Wind, wind, you might!

In a couple of hours we were already in Denver, where we were waiting for a long transplant to. Remember to where? Unlikely. We ourselves have already exhausted so much that I remembered with difficulty. Before Fresno.

Alas, and here not everything went so well as I would like. Our flight due to bad weather was postponed seven times, so I had to spend all nine instead of the expected four hours at the airport.

At this time, Polina and Ryan were waiting for us in Fresno. With Polina, we met a couple of months before, and thanks to our blog. They, having learned that we are going to the States, offered us to take advantage of their car, and free. Running forever, I will say that this offer, in fact, predetermined the fate of our journey.

As a result, we got to Fresno, a fairly charter, and there we were waiting for not only the guys, but also a shower with a cozy room and an extremely comfortable bed. However, at that moment, we would seek any horizontal surface to be the most convenient in the world.


Here is the Irony of Fate — A country that has been recently founded by emigrants, now they are terribly afraid. Judging by the questions that we met in the questionnaire even when receiving the US visa and what they were asked on the border, the main thing — so that those who arrived necessarily removed the ravis. What, you can understand — Polimyr considers the states of paradise on earth and trying to break through with all the truths and inconsisions. Moreover, sure most of those who want great value for the United States does not represent. Usually the most valuable people and in their homeland feel good.

Of course, if you look from afar with a naked eye, we are very similar to mine from Sheboldasik «Emigrant refugees», who come to the States: officially unemployed, young, and even ripples are incomprehensible why the world. To the honor of the whole system, tracking migrants and other dedication, we still considered ordinary tourists. It means that they are all more or less right.

As for this interrogation with the addiction, what we were arranged on the border — everything passed in a rather polite form. The officers were able to understand us, after listening to all the details, and made the right conclusions.

Non-crushed tips

If you plan to fly to the states from some stubborn country (and for border guards, it is likely that any country, except the USA), then:

  1. I recommend to have a return ticket. As you can see, he can come in handy if some suspicions of your account arise.
  2. Not bad to have more money in the account and online access to it — In our case, it was played, I think a decisive role. How many money you need to have, do not know. We have shown about 6 thousand dollars and it was enough.
  3. If they ask for passport control, how much money you have — Call the amount that you have, considering all accounts, deposits and other.
  4. Try to most honestly answer all questions. I have the feeling that some «Indications» may be fixed.
  5. Never argue with anyone from employees of the border service, passport control or someone else. If something goes wrong, just ask. Scandals only exacerbate the situation.

The main thing — Do not configure yourself that something can go wrong. Most likely, such cases, like us, units. We just found themselves in «Risk Group» like free travelers who are not strongly attached to their homeland. When they arrived in the US for the first time, no problems arose.

Technical nuances

If you have a transplant in your route, be sure to ask when registering for flight about baggage — Perhaps it is not necessary to take it on a transplant, but, maybe, on the contrary, it will have to go to receive and register for the next flight. Some think it is enough to pass the luggage and all — It will reach the end item by itself. No, this is not always and not everywhere.

Now about papers. All you need to fill out is customs declaration. It will probably let you be in the plane if you get in the USA by air. Everything is extremely easy, it will not be easy to understand. Form is not long, filled from hand.

If you fly with your family, then the customs declaration is filled with only one on the family.

Often people ask about form i-94 — Remember, She was already canceled! On the official site speaks about some nuances, but she, as a tourist, do not need.

And immediately O Departure from the USA — When traveling in the passport no stamps no longer put. They say all the transport and other airlines are reported to civil servants who flew where and flew away, so they are aware.

Perhaps everything spoke about the problems we encountered. I tried to transfer everything as realistic as possible, and the dialogues are almost literally (given the fact that in the original they were in English). If some other nuances are interesting — Ask in the comments, I will be happy to answer.

You can choose flight tickets by using this convenient search form:

Besides, not forgetting to arrange the traveler insurance, I would not advise you to fly in the states. In the case of which you can and do not pay.

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Flight Mexico-US Houston, we have a problem!

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