Flight during pregnancy

Is it possible to fly pregnant on the plane? Is it harmful? And how to prepare for the lack of ladies in an interesting position? Today we will answer these and other issues related to the flight of pregnant women.

According to the rules of most airlines in the world, pregnant women with a period of more than 28-30 weeks obligations to provide medical conclusion from the doctor On the absence of opposite for the flight. In addition, the reference should be indicated by the date of the flight and the estimated date of delivery.

Term of the prison for flights in Russia &# 8211; 7 days. Some European and American carriers accept certificates issued no later than 24-72 hours before departure.

When registering on the flight, you may also be asked to fill in a special receipt.

Please note that many airlines refuse to take on board women who have less than 7 days left before the expected date of birth.

Most foreign carriers have the rules are still stricter. They do not take on board pregnant women in the following cases:

Flights duration of more than 4 hours:

  • Single-bed pregnancy &# 8211; After 38 weeks
  • Multiple pregnancy &# 8211; After 32 weeks

Flights for less than 4 hours:

  • Single-bed pregnancy &# 8211; After 38 weeks
  • Multiple pregnancy &# 8211; After 36 weeks

How to prepare for the flight of pregnant?

Regardless of your term, be sure to consult your doctor. Do not independently decide on the flight during pregnancy. The most secure for flights is the 2nd semester.

Flight during pregnancy

Be sure to take a exchange card with you (if it is) and contact phones of the doctor.

For flight, select Comfortable and loose clothes and shoes.

Pregnant women more often than others are susceptible to veins thrombosis, so on the flight is recommended to wear special compression stockings.

How to facilitate the flight of a pregnant?

Listen to the recommendations of your doctor! You may appoint additional preparations, for example, magnesium and t.NS.

Try to drink more fluid and do not sit in one position. Come on the cabin, wait near the chair, make a small workout.

Try to get up from your place every 30 minutes. T.To. You will often go out, it is better to immediately take a place at the passage, so as not to disturb other passengers.

Frequently asked questions about Flights of pregnant women on the plane

Are frequent flights for pregnant women?

Every organism is individual, it is impossible to give a response to this question that fits all. Only a doctor who watches you can answer this question and it will touch you. One is not recommended not that frequent flights, but in general to fly during pregnancy, there is absolutely no way for others. Regardless of the term, always before deciding on the rest, where you need to fly by the plane will advise with your doctor.
Should pregnant to provide the best places in the plane?

There is no such rule, and the best place is the concept of relative. For some better place &# 8211; This is the window for another in the aisle, someone loves to sit in the tail, someone on the wing. If you register on the flight online, you can choose the best place in the plane.

Please note that pregnant women are not planted from emergency exits. If you need more space, you want to stretch your legs, then ask places in the first row. However, keep in mind that there often put passengers with small children and may be noisy.
How to choose a compression stockings for the flight during pregnancy?

Compression knitwear, regardless of whether it is pregnant or not, must be selected by a doctor. Contact your phlebologist and, depending on the state of your veins, it will say, what class compression should be stockings.
How much harmful scanning on the inspection before the departure of the pregnant?

At airports you can find 3 types of scanners. Most often, this is an ordinary metal detector, it is absolutely safe and does not affect.

Second type of scanners &# 8211; X-ray backscatter x-ray, it is believed that he does not affect health, but no one has spent mass research on pregnant women. It is about this pregnant women through this scanner who are not conducted and inscribed by hand.

And finally, the third appearance &# 8211; Microwave Scanner, you can meet in Moscow airports. In this case, it is used non-ionizing radiation (radio, light or thermal waves), which does not harm health. However, to conduct pregnant women through it or insulating manually solves the airport security service. In the US, you have the right to refuse, in other countries it is unlikely to succeed.

Flight during pregnancy

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