Flight delay

The list of services provided is registered in paragraph 99 of the Federal Aviation Rules "General Rules of Air Transport of Passengers, Luggage, Cargo and Passenger Services Requirements, Cargo Provisions:

  • Providing the mother and child’s room with a passenger with a child under seven years old;
  • Two phone calls or two e-mail messages while waiting for the flight to send more than two hours;
  • providing refreshments while waiting for the flight to send more than two hours;
  • providing hot meals while waiting for the departure of the flight for more than four hours and then every six hours during the daytime and every eight hours – in the night;
  • Accommodation in the hotel while waiting for flight departure to more than eight hours during the daytime and more than six hours – in the night;
  • delivery by transport from the airport to the hotel and back in cases where the hotel is provided without charging the extra charge;
  • Luggage storage.
Flight delay

The services specified in this paragraph are provided to passengers without charging additional fees.


In the event of a flight delay, you should put a note in the airport administration confirming the fact and the duration of the flight delay. If for some reason you did not provide food or a hotel and you have forced to eat and remove the number at your own expense, you can demand compensation from the airline – to do this, collect all checks confirming your expenses and make a complaint.

If the flight delay occurred due to the fault of the airline, the passenger has the right to material payments. The amount of payments is negotiated in the aircraft of the our Federation: "For the delay in the delivery of a passenger, baggage or cargo to the destination, the carrier must pay a fine of 25% established by the federal law of the minimum wage per hour for each hour of delay, but not more than 50% of the transport fee, if Do not prove that the proceedings took place due to insurmountable strength, eliminating the fracture of the aircraft, threatening life or the health of passengers of the aircraft, or other circumstances that do not depend on the carrier ".

Learn the terms of payments in detail on the site of the selected airline. For example, Aeroflot in the event of a flight canceling or delay by more than 12 hours, undertakes to pay compensation in accordance with the "Compensation Guidelines in connection with rejection, canceling / delaying the flight, replacing the aircraft". Recently, a new option has appeared on the Aeroflot website when paying for a ticket: you pay 200 rubles. for insurance and have the right to compensation up to 6000 rubles. When the flight delay is more than three hours. In the same insurance, you can get compensation if it is impossible to travel, damage / loss / luggage delays, accidents at the airport and medical expenses related to the incident at the airport and the aircraft.

Foreign airlines

Passengers of international airlines when the flight delay is also entitled to count on free calls or messages, soft drinks, food, transfer and accommodation in a hotel with long waiting. In addition, European companies are more often paid compensation, following the EC Regulation No. 261/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. Compensation dimensions are as follows:

  • € 250 when flying at a distance of 1500 km and less. However, if you will be sent to the destination with a slight delay (up to 2 hours), compensation will be 50% of the specified amount;
  • € 400 with flight for 1501-3500 km. If the lateness of an alternative flight is no more than three hours, compensate for 50% of this amount;
  • € 600 in other cases. If the late is laid at four hours, then they will pay twice as fewer.

With a long delay (more than five hours), compensation is not paid. The passenger pays part of the ticket price corresponding to the yet used portion of the route, or the entire route, if its completion is not included in the passenger plans. At the request of the passenger can be returned to the point of departure.

American carriers are also required to pay for a flight delay in case the passenger has to wait an hour and more. Rates for waiting for up to 2 hours – $ 200, in other cases – $ 400.

Transportation rules

In the contract of transportation of most airlines there is an item on the possible delay of the flight, so the ticket with the specified time and the date does not guarantee that you fly away exactly on schedule: "The time specified in the schedule and other documents is not guaranteed and is not an integral part of this contract … The carrier has the right to cancel, delay the flight specified in the ticket, to replace the type of aircraft, change the route of transportation, including change or cancel the landing in the points specified in the ticket, if the safety conditions and / or aviation security are required, as well as the requirement of state bodies in accordance with their competence. The timetable of aircraft can be changed, while the carrier undertakes to take all the measures depending on it to inform passengers with which an air transportation contract has been concluded ".

This is especially important to consider if you are planning a flight with a transfer or an excursion immediately after arrival.

Flight delay

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