Flight and passport: Answers to Most Popular Questions

You can not even imagine how many questions arises about air tickets and passports. Is it possible to fly with an expired passport? How to change passport data?

Today we will try to disassemble every case in detail and answer your questions.

What documents are needed to buy a ticket?

The presence of the original of any document to buy a ticket is not required, but you must have a copy of the passport or the data discharged from it: Series and number, validity, last name and name Latin letters.

Can I buy a plane ticket with an expired passport?

You can buy it, but you can not fly. If you bought a ticket for an overdue passport, contact the airline as soon as you get new and ask them to make new data in your reservation. On flights of foreign airlines, the passport number is not required, so nothing to correct is not necessary.

Will they put on a plane with an expired passport?

Uniquely not! To enter any country, you must show a valid personality document. Overdue passport &# 8211; This is no longer a valid document.

Before planning a vacation or any other trip abroad &# 8211; Check your passport!

You can only smoke where there is no passport control, for example, between the our Federation and Belarus.

Another thing if your passport has expired during a trip. In this case, it is more interesting to take a certificate for returning at the consulate of the our Federation if you are abroad. The airline has the right to not allow passengers to board without current documents, will definitely not be.

But remember that the laws of many foreign countries provide that the duration of the passport must end not earlier than 6 months after entering the country.

When booking a ticket, I did not ask for passport data? I’m ugly?

We are so accustomed that when booking tickets or tours, you have to specify a huge number of personal data that if something has not been asked, it causes perplexity and caution.

In fact, most European airlines are your passport details for nothing, the main thing is that you indicate the name and surname, it is for these two fields that are identified by passengers.

With our airlines Another story &# 8211; By law, you must specify passport data when booking a plane ticket. The same rule applies to airline ticket agencies.

Therefore, do not worry, you need a passport or not, depends on the law and rules of the airline. If you did not ask him, then he doesn’t need and worry about this not worth.

Is it possible to buy a ticket without a passport?

If you find a ticket at a great price, you need to book it as soon as possible, but is it possible to do it without a passport? Yes, sometimes you can.

It depends exclusively from the airline and the site where you book tickets. Many European carriers do not require passport data when buying a ticket.

As we have already written above, our airlines and air ticket booking services are required to request passenger passport data. But if you can not wait, you need to buy a ticket to urgently, you can enter any data, and as soon as the passport will be with you, call the airline or agency and ask you to change the passport details.

Flight and passport Answers to the most popular questions

According to the rules of most airlines, passport data varies internal remark through the booking system. Route receipt, booking room or air ticket does not change.

The main thing is to pay attention to &# 8211; Writing name and surname. There are undesirable errors here, and some airlines can not be at all.

What passport data is needed to buy a ticket?

What specific data will be needed, depends on where you buy a ticket and flying to what airline. If this is a our translator or you buy a ticket at one of the booking sites, for example, on Kupibilet.RU, then you will need a series and passport number, the validity period, as well as the last name and the name of the passenger with Latin letters (exactly as written in the passport).

If you buy a ticket on the website of the foreign airline, then in most cases there are no data of the passport, except for the surname and name.

What if the air ticket is purchased to the old passport?

On this topic we have a separate article &# 8220; a ticket for the old passport, and departure in a new way&# 8221;. From it you will learn what to do if you have changed the number of the passport or you changed the surname.

What passport to buy a ticket at the flight abroad?

On passport passport. It is this document that is necessary to cross the border and on it, and more precisely on writing a name and surname in it will identify you as a passenger.

When flying to some countries, you can buy a ticket and fly with internal passport. These countries include: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Ukraine.

And in our telegram channel, too, there is useful and current information. We tell about places where you immediately want to fly away, publish cheap tickets and tell the news.

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