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Czech Republic, like neighboring Germany, is famous for beer. Czechs argue that in production, as well as the consumption of this low alcohol drink, they rank first in Eastern Europe. Indeed, in every Czech city, if not in every village, there are excellent beer.

In Bohemia, the most beer region, beer appeared, according to written sources, in the XI century. Russia knows no more than three-four types of Czech beer, and meanwhile, only known varieties in the Czech Republic are about 20. Special taste to local beer gives water, for the most part "soft", Carbonate, low salt.

In Europe, the most famous Czech beer – Plzen’s holiday, which is already crowded in the city of Pilsen, 100 km south-west of Prague. Connoisseurs adore this particular variety, more bitter and strong, compared with others. Recently "Plsner" (so shortly calling this beer) began to do in the brewery of Germany and Belgium, but the Czechs themselves do not like him, counting the unreal. Precisely because of the water, which in other countries is somewhat different than in the Czech Republic. More Local residents love Gambrinus – Light beer produced in Moravia. It is not so bitter as Plsen. It is this variety of beers recommends that Marek Kruts, head of the Moscow office of the Czech tourist company Destination, head of the Moscow office of the Moscow office of the Moscow office. And he, extinguishing in his homeland, necessarily drinks a lot of mug of beer Radogast, which is boiled in Ostrava (Northern Moravia).

In general, according to Mr. Krutov, most popular beer varieties in most cases are combined by a common term – "ten", Strictly speaking denoting beer density. This is one of three criteria for assessing the quality of the drink adopted in the world. Lights of densities, understandable in fact, only brewers, ranges from 9 to 14. The world’s most common 12 percent beer, distinguished by more bitter taste. It is believed that winter is useful to drink more dense beer, and in the summer – on the contrary, less dense.

The second criterion for which specialists are judged about beer – chromaticity. Most Czechs, as statistics show, love bright beer. Dark beer, preferred by a sweeter, prefer women. Confirms statistics an example of Miroslav Ronchak, who heads the Moscow office of the National Tourist Department of the Czech Republic. He loves a bright beer Litovel, which is boiled near the town of Olomouc, again in Moravia. By density, it just falls into "dozen".

Fortress – the third criterion for which one or another beer variety is estimated in the Czech Republic and around the world. The density on the bottle or the bank indicates the content of alcohol. Basically, Czech beer contains 4-4.5% alcohol. Very rare this figure reaches 5%. But there are and very weak, intended for women – a fortress of no more than 3%.

In order to get acquainted immediately with many varieties of Czech beer, it is worth going to a special beer tour. Such offers for $ 650 (along with flight and visa) recently appeared on the our market. Usually beer tours are offered in the fall when the beer is good "Dozroel" in huge wooden barrels. Tour begins in Prague, famous for both the many famous beer, and their own brewery. Here tourists will definitely enter the beer restaurant "At flex", who recently celebrated its 500th anniversary. Proud inscription in the restaurant in the brewery decorates one of the walls: "Here boiled beer before Columbus opened America". Annually "At flex" attend about 500 thousand. Beer lovers to try local black beer low fermentation Flexovski Dark Lodge.

Flexovsky Dark Lodzhak

During an excursion through Prague, tourism lovers are visited also "Newcomer brewer", Where with your own eyes can see the production process of this drink. It is recommended to look into brewery "At Tomasha", Located in an old monastery. It is said that in the XVIII century, a kind of artist who saw the walls of brewery took only a quarter of the fee, preferring to the remaining three-quarters of drinking beer.

After Prague, tourists go to Plzen, the beer capital of the Czech Republic, the homeland is celebrating. On the way, they drive to the town of Crushovice, where local beer also flashes. Here in the middle of the last century, Marka Plzensky beer was registered, and a little later – Pillsner Urquel. On the territory of the plant that produces this world-famous beer, in a huge beer can simultaneously accommodate up to 600 people. Curious and museum of beer, located just five minutes walk from the factory.

Lovers of beer in the Czech Republic are necessarily recommended to drive through the beer triangle: Ceske-Budevice-Supbo-Peredivin. In the first city, the world famous Budwwar is made, in the second – regent that the local plant produces from the XIV century. By the way, in front of the brewery there are ponds in which Karpov are bred. At Christmas Predbonsky carp, extinguished in beer with honey, is one of the most popular dishes in the Czech Republic. Some good varieties of beer of various fortresses also boil on brewery "Lobkovich", Near the town of Sedlchai in the Central Czech Republic. A sufficiently famous brand of beer rake is produced in the castle of the town of the same name in Western Bohemia.

Excursions for tourists with tasting for just $ 2-4 offer brewery "Nova Paka" and "Cluster", Also located in the old castle. Beer here is boiled in the ancient cellars, mounted directly to the rock. To the beer, tourists will definitely be offered dishes of national Czech cuisine, many of which are prepared using beer. One of them, beer soup, described in the manuscript of the XVII century, is easy to cook and at home. This requires sex liter of light beer, half-liter beef broth, one glass of sour cream, one spoon of oil, bread and four yolks. All this must be thoroughly mix and use "with savory".

Flexovsky Dark Lodzhak

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