Flea market Rastro

Flea market Rastro Although it is located in the center of Madrid, but only works on Sundays (open from 9-00 to 15-00). It is understandable – like any other market, raster is accompanied by a huge accumulation of people and a large number of garbage. However, if you want to buy as a gift or in memory of the trip something really unique to go on it.

Of course, most of the flea market Rastro is already sharpened by tourists. And here a huge number of traders offers key chains, T-shirts, cheap rag bags with views of various Spanish attractions.

Everything is produced in the mass of its own in China. But come across and really interesting, antique things and works «Hand Maid» on peculiar collaps. These collaps are located slightly away from the main street. You can also go to the Quarter for sale of paintings. The market takes its name, one of the versions, from the word «track», which remained in the area when moving the carts from scothes to meat beams and meat processing factories.

Another version builds the name of the street to adjective «external», that somewhat more like the truth, since the street has really been the outskirt of the city and did not fall under the jurisdiction of the Madrid City Hall. The Rastro market itself is known for the records dated 17th century.

Flea market Rastro Attractions Madrid Travel Guide

You can get to the Raster market from La Latina metro station (the station is called La Latina), following Following Kaskorro and Ribera de

Kurtidores. Streets located nearby – Embachadores and Ronda de Toledo on Sunday days are also completely given under the trade.

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